I used one principle of Bruce Lee and found ultimate self defense.

Training since I was 14 with Kenpo, then into boxing, kickboxing, most of 40 years, even with champions, and a year with the 15 year world champion kickboxer.  Note: My first Sensei had 3 ribs broken by Bruce Lee

I’ll get into the reasons I came to this place in martial arts as we get rolling here.

I always remembered this quote from Bruce Lee, one that’s been heard by most in martial arts, “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”

I read this as a kid, in his writings as most of us have.  A few years ago I heard about a wrestler who was taught one move and practiced it on anyone and everyone for years, then took it into competition.  He was unstoppable.  Even though opposing coaches and opponents knew that was his only move, bam, they were down!

THIS was the meaning behind his quote above.  THIS is when a kick becomes simply a kick again.  If you study Bruce Lee’s workouts, you’d find him on many a day throwing some kick or punch 500 reps!  Certain days he performed as many as 2,000 lead punches!  Years of this meant once he fired a punch or kick it was 100% likely to land, accurate, hard.

So, understanding that the main purpose of massive reps is to create what Mr Lee stated as, “a neurologically set pattern” where thought is not required to launch the technique, you’ll find it fires at the exact time it’s supposed to given the distance, opening, timing, etc.  This also frees one up to express themselves rather than “try” to win, defend, or land something.

This is where I started, having some skills and being athletic, in my mind, I made the decision to go all the way with this concept, finally, and never quit till I finished!  Out of respect to Mr Lee, failure/quitting was not an option.  Here I am, in the snow doing a few 1-2’s on the dummy at about the 2,000 rep mark: http://youtu.be/7R_NNmBNcyw

Will update/continue every day, thanks for stopping by, feel free to email, “follow”, or please comment if you have any!

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5 thoughts on “I used one principle of Bruce Lee and found ultimate self defense.

    1. kirch5 Post author

      Thanks Will! Please share, as of this time I’ve found no one else online or otherwise who has concentrated on 10k reps, properly, in a relatively short time, or at all. I’ve expanded that discussion into a few blogs, then into maximum intensity training. Will check out your blog, and yes, Multi Pure is the best! Will get my next one thru you!


  1. kirch5 Post author

    A discussion of massive reps focused a lot of attention on counting or that maybe Mr Lee’s training is outdated perhaps, I disagree, massive reps is timeless for true spontaneity in anything, for me, 10k reps took me beyond where I would have gone on my own and it’s the best thing I’ve done in martial arts! The counting took me seconds per session, all focus is on power, speed, accuracy with each rep. ~Kirch


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