Following through with massive reps

While training the 1-2 punch combination, I chose for pure simplicity and economy, I understood why Bruce Lee made his 10,000 rep quote: at around 3,000 reps you begin to “feel” speed, power, and accuracy that is already becoming something you KNOW is extremely effective.

To begin, I wanted to be sure my form was as correct as possible, so I performed hundreds of my first reps in the air.  Once I felt my “slide” (I slightly pick my lead leg up actually and thrust it forward) to bridge the gap and the combo felt right, it was time to start on the bag.  Several thousand of these combo’s were on the bag, over a thousand on a dummy, a couple thou on the mits with movement (good to have a partner, my son Zack has also done a few thousand), some were thrown at/towards an opponent to give a more realistic feel for timing and distance which MUST be met to fire the combo at the right time (the target must be in range per your application), which after 10,000 reps you’ll know instinctively (another benefit).  I was NOT there to go to 3,000 or 7,000… or 9,900, it was 10,000 or nothing!

Each combo was thrown with power, focus, and speed, you can never half ass a single one!  Each one counts and has to be delivered to do damage!  If you mess up, don’t count it and do it again!

This creates the certainty within you that if an opponent/s comes within range you will launch and know damage WILL occur.  So… the end goal, is a self confidence so that you never have to fight, and not for a cocky ego, but a true humbleness (that means strength), which is the basis of the real martial artist.  If you choose to use this in a controlled contest, that’s different.

Remember, as Bruce Lee suggests, it simply becomes an expression of yourself beyond trying or forcing anything, it fires at the exact moment, it’s the “Art of fighting without fighting”.  It’s these levels of understanding you will see as you keep adding 100 reps over and over.  Also, if you don’t have to bridge the gap and combat is closer, it’s even faster!  It’s what he referred to as spontaneity.

I had several reasons for finishing that many reps, as personal tribute to Mr Lee, to have in my possession a combination that was super effective.  This became my foundational technique to springboard other ideas and combinations from.  It also became a life lesson.  It’s a marathon.  It was very EASY to just add into my workout!

Please share these blogs, email, comments welcome, Thanks!

As of this writing I have a few thousand more 1-2’s beyond 10,000 now, as I add some into my new combinations… I’m currently doing two more and have plans for a grappling move, that will take a partner, arm dummy, and planning.  It’s just a part of my gym workout now!  Till next time, God Bless,



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