The completion of a massive rep project

The inner feeling of completing 10,000 reps was so worth the time, effort as it reaffirmed a goal set by Bruce Lee himself, and I knew I had attained my personal black belt in the 10k club as I called it.  It was also apparent very, very few ever did this, yet Mr Lee stated clearly how important this was!

At around 2,500 reps I could already feel my combo was basically done, this is probably why most would only do a thou or two and quit imo.  At the half way mark it really seemed I was done but my personal pledge to go all the way remained firm, resolved, without doubt.

Around the 7,000 mark I realized I actually needed these last few thou as it wasn’t truly perfected yet… I saw minute flaws and sought to correct them in this last phase.

It took over 6 months, some weeks I did a session every day, some only 1-2.  Try not to take a long break anytime during this push from 0 to 10,000, I mean I’m sure a month off wouldn’t do any harm, but having sessions weekly kept me fresh on all aspects.  I now have the most effective combo down so well, I don’t need it!  Again, in life, be humble and always try to work things out.

Since completing 10,000.

What I decided to do was take two more combo’s, one a left hand feint to a left front kick to the midsection with a final one-two, again, not pretty but very economical and straight forward, have easily landed these before so I know they work.  Two is an inside four punch combo.  Fast, way under a second, left, right hook to the body, left uppercut, right cross, this is strictly in close.  I’m about 3,000 in on these, I only do 50 per session of each and once per week 25 one-two’s, so I’m probably lifetime 13,000 of those at this time.

Why do more 10,000 rep combo’s?

Funny, I simply thought why not?  I just add this now to the beginning of my gym training, it’s like a warm up!  Usually 2-3x/wk so it literally gives me something to do for another yr or more!  Plus, these combo’s are likened to another two arrows in my quiver.

My original plan was a grappling move, hand grab to an arm bar both sides, 10,000 ea side or 20,000 reps, but finding a good dummy set of arms and a live partner isn’t always handy, so I opted for 20,000 reps total for two combo’s.  I had asked a lifetime Hapkido expert what one grappling type move I could perfect, that is what he gave me.

Plans are to find any way possible to do this because this grappling move means if I get your hand, standing or on the ground, you’re mine in 1 second.  That’s why I will do my best to accomplish this later.  In a controlled contest like MMA, it would no doubt be an invaluable asset.

Please share, comment, email, this training is ongoing!

My reason for doing this was the goal itself, but mainly peace of mind.  I figure that IF a person of sound mind accomplishes this goal and joins the 10k club, they’re probably going to understand it’s true intention, inner peace.  Till next time, God Bless,



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