My experience with maximum intesity training

I’ve been subscribed to Dr Mercola for several years and try to read a few articles/week, not a lot, but it really adds up over even just a year and it’s crammed full of super health info!

Usually backed by studies, references, doctors, trainers, his articles have slowly creeped into my lifestyle lol!  One article in particular in mid ’10 was about short burst type training, caught my attention.

In the article Dr Mercola showed that these types of workouts are far more accurate to who we are as humans and that we’re not really built so much for 1-3 hour runs or long term aerobic workouts.  He showed that humans are basically short burst near anaerobic creatures and that the human body responds extremely well to these types of workouts.

Besides the other excellent physiological factors, like huge HG-1 increases, large development of the white muscle fiber (quick twitch), there was  enough information for me to start these trainings right then!

So I did as instructed and began on a recumbent bike (sit down type).  The workouts are short, 20 minutes!  You start warming up, select a level (I’m around 4-5), and 2 min in you sprint at very high speed for 30 sec, then low to medium speed for 1:30 for recovery.  This is repeated 8 times total, then you cool down till you hit 20 min total.

Here’s a youtube video showing Dr Mercola actually performing what he now calls Peak 8 Fitness, this is intense physically, he can hardly speak!:

I’ve done Peak 8 since 2012 at 1-2 per week, I did try 3 per week for a couple weeks but it was too much with all my other workouts.  I’ve missed maybe 6-8 weeks in all that time so it’s been fully integrated into my routines.  Now I stop Peak 8’s during the time of the year when I’m doing interval training for a race.

For instance yesterday I did my Peak 8 on the recumbent bike (I switch between the bike and the elliptical), it’s ultra intense the way I’ve evolved doing this!  My 1:30 breaks are still moving at a decent speed and the sprint is on the edge!  During the sprint, I now get to 23 sec of the 30 sec and go absolutely all out, a pace which could not be maintained ANY further!  I can’t even look at the time!

This kicks the anaerobic threshold as high as I can go.  This also involves as much white muscle fiber as possible.  Another thing I noticed, without changing my diet, my body quickly went to a sprinters type physique!  Look at sprinters, they have amazing physiques!


They are large, muscular, almost like they were body building! This will be the direction your body will be heading by doing the Peak 8 Fitness!

Please share, email, comment as these trainings are also ongoing!

Till next time, God Bless,


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