Maximum Intensity Training (MIT), for ultimate fitness

To me, this is one of the greatest fitness discoveries of all time!  My further experience of the sprint 8, now called Peak 8 Fitness by Dr Mercola, has shown me more results than any other gym workout I’ve ever done.

Besides a dramatic increase in your white muscle fiber, this tissue expansion needs the hormonal support, and will cause a large increase in HG-1 factor post Peak 8 workout.  Dr Mercola explains that there are many other positive physiological adaptations the body has to make by doing these short burst workouts.  If you’re interested in the details:

this article explains that extreme endurance cardio may not actually be beneficial to longevity, but short burst is!  Trust the studies!

Again, I adapted an edge to this that I believe seriously increases my results, and that is by super maxing out the last 5-7 seconds as explained in the previous post, I may do a short video showing this.  Note: Dr Mercola named this training Peak 8 Fitness because with each sprint interval our heart rate Peaks higher all the way to the 8th and final interval.

Maxing out the Peak 8, video showing sprint on the recumbent bike and final 7 sec of the 30sec going all out which I do every time:

In the spring/summer up here in the mountains, I do my Peak 8 outdoors once per month.  This is different than on equipment big time.  First, injuries can occur even in healthy young people, and the time with which you sprint is only around 7 secs vs 30 secs on an elliptical machine.   So unless you know how to stretch properly, warm up, etc, best to stay on the low impact equipment or pool!

I sprint for about 12 seconds total, it takes a few seconds to hit 90-95% max speed, this is like a bear was chasing you (or cops if you’re more urban), then a few seconds to slow down gracefully.  The whole Peak 8 timing is the same, your break is longer… and you’ll need it!

Like massive combination repetitions, very, very few will do and stay with Peak 8’s.  Hey, I’m different.  Maybe you are too, become fertile soil for learning these things and doing them.

If you can, do two per week, this is key: don’t eat ANY carbs before or after!  Carbs negate a huge amount of benefits!  Make it your last part of your workout.  Get a good protein shake, very low-no carb with water within 30 min after or you’ll lose further benefits, and believe me, you don’t want to waste a single benefit of such an intense but awesome workout!

Watch your physique after a month or two of doing two/week.  Maybe not your weight, but your body will begin to adapt to this, check your measurements!  Men, women, young, older, just start where you can, work your way to higher speeds, as Dr Mercola says, ask your physician about starting this program.

Working out anaerobic brings me to underwater blowouts, till next time!  God Bless,




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