Daily fasting, is it healthy?

Yes!  It’s not hard either!  Numerous studies show that breakfast (break the fast) can be skipped and we (my wife and I) usually now go right to lunch or have a post workout protein shake around noon.

Once we stop eating at night, say around 7pm, then sleep from 11pm to 7am, we’ve already had 12 hours without food!  Then some days we’re off to the gym, your schedules may be different, but by 10am-noon you’re having your first meal or food of any kind, so it can easily be 14 to even 17 hours without food.

Note: Most Americans gorge themselves 16 hours a day on heavy carbs and processed food each day!  This may seem fine for years, but soon they have 40-50 inch waists, are diabetic, and can barely climb a set of stairs!

Studies show working out towards the end of your daily fast, in the morning, gives the best results and sheds much more fat, link below.  Think about it, you’re burning a lot more fat for fuel at this time in your fasting cycle as carbs (sugars) aren’t so available in your system.

Note: two things… fasting beyond 20-24hrs may take your body into a starvation mode where it hoards calories from all sources for fat, plus there’s no need for this, it’s about what you do daily, you’re not trying to lose it all in a few days, this is adopting a healthy lifestyle!  Also, unless your burning fat, you’re not losing fat!  Weight loss is not necessarily fat loss which is what you’re after!

It is also believed that while you’re in your daily eating phase, your body is taking in nutrients, toxins, proteins, etc, and several hours into your daily fasting stage, this process is somewhat reversed, toxins, fat, waste materials are leaving your body.  Your cells may take in more during the eating phase and tend to release while fasting, but if you’re always eating, then your body has to store more and won’t release as many toxins or certainly not fat.  This may be why when some people begin losing weight they experience a flu type symptom early on as fat may release toxins as it is being used for fuel.

Working out during this fasting phase also has many other benefits as this Dr Mercola article points out:


as usual consult your doctor before taking anything like this on, for example if you’re diabetic this approach may be dangerous.

Not to be way out there (and fast a whole day or two), most days we average about 16 hours without food and find we’re fine, I notice my stomach isn’t growling or anything.  Why take in more calories than necessary?  This also helps keep my weight around 160lbs all the time.  Of course I eat better since I’m eating less overall.  Personally I have lunch, dinner, and eat some in between, so my eating cycle is 7-8 hours average daily.  I generally eat from noon to 7pm daily, it’s my eating window.  We’re not too radical here and I don’t believe anyone has to be, we simply adopted this healthy lifestyle change.  The body has plenty of food each day in a 7hr eating window!

Not going to bore you with details you can read right from Dr Mercola about all the other obvious benefits.  I’m just saying that giving your body a break from all that we take in each day is something I decided to do every day and I know is far more healthy for us.  It’s the most healthy # 1 thing we can do, it addresses almost every health issue.  Of course there are several other parts to the health equation.

Note: a 7-10hr eating window is not a license to eat anything!  In fact the opposite is true, here you must approach food differently… as nourishment instead of gluttony!  We’ve used a full spectrum nutrition for decades as a family, also add healthy fats big time!  Wild salmon, avocados, coconut milk, almond butter, etc.  Make salads, or I like to get a sandwich made with the works, it’s more like an excuse so I get a good amount of veggies, and the only time I eat bread in a week.

By adopting some basic things into our lifestyle, we’re giving our genetic expression a much better chance at longevity, and I’m not here to live to be 100 and spend the last 20 years with all kinds of disabilities.  What we do now, daily, adds up, good or bad.  I simply learn, usually by reading Dr Mercola articles (sign up for those from his site, he emails articles daily), and apply those that I am willing to.  I adopted many here and there over the years… get going on this today.

For instance, he’s big on getting vitamin D conversion from the sun (so many studies on this and he gives references), we now take a few days/week and grab 20 minutes of sun with good skin exposure as it’s shown to tremendously help our immune systems and much more!  I’ll go over more things we’ve added to our lifestyle for health, till next time, God Bless,





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