Further thoughts on massive reps in martial arts

In martial arts, to learn a technique so well you attain true spontaneity with it, you will have an advantage over those who just throw hundreds or a thousand or two of a single movement – combination.

Bruce Lee mentioned massive reps with a punch or kick, yet he used multiple punches/kicks so I chose to go with combinations because this adds so much to the potential of not only reaching your opponent/s but incurring greater damage.  In the ring, combinations always work best.

If you watch Steven Seagal, he uses a few techniques under various circumstances and I would tend to believe he’s done these many thousands of times, if not maybe one or more over 10,000 reps.  This shows even one grappling type move repeated 10,000 times would become as close to unstoppable as one can achieve in that situation.

I will now add this: I did this for training and peace of mind, not to go out and use for ANY other purpose, per the code of ALL true martial artists, period.

Here’s the rules, there’s nothing you can do but use them for good or perish.

Sow and Reap, it’s God’s Law, and it IS real.  Some call it Karma, here’s the deal: you go out and do things that cause others pain, even negativity, it WILL be coming back YOUR way, and in a form you may not recognize, and it WILL be painful!  You NEVER ever want to start that coming back to you!  If you were raised and never taught this, hear it now!  Many sit in wonder why bad things are happening to them (bad things do happen to good people too), yet most times they have started some negative ball rolling hrs, days, even years ago, well… it’s back, try get thru it, and live in peace and goodwill to all and everything! 

We’ve arrested a lot of people (former job) for just being plain stupid, super aggressive, disrespectful, and disgusting (yes they broke a law/s), and it’s because they never learned it growing up but there are rules, they never got a time out, well they’re getting one now!  That’s most likely just the beginning of their troubles, it’s so not worth it and their lives are so screwed up… what’s scary is they have children!  I’m ever Thankful I had great parents growing up!

Remember, this IS how it works, strong help the weak.  When the strong harm the weak, or the many gang up on the few, it will be coming back and it will not be fun, maybe even deadly.  It will make your life horrible.  Also… get this… when you’re strong, God gave it to you, to be responsible with, to use for good, to serve others, when you harm the weak, He WILL take your strength some time soon from you, and it will be bad.  In what form, only He knows, but suddenly perhaps, you will find out who’s in charge!  Fair warning unless you know it already, then I am grateful for you.

It’s also called the Law of Attraction by some.  It’s easy to hate, be self centered, to do harm… that’s not strength, that’s YOUR weakness, you wanting acceptance, your inferiority complex expressing itself.  This is why someone tends to do even stupider acts in the presence of associates, to gain further acceptance, sad really… but the Law still applies, zero fun awaits, give it time.

So use your strength for good, attract with love not hate.  Be humble, Thankful for all that is freely given to you.  Step in Faith (love, trust) not fear (hate, doubt).  Till next time, God Bless,




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