I applied a concept from a book and changed everything

In ’94-5 I was working as a Teamster in a grocery warehouse (nearly 15 years by then).  It was depressing to me, my thought process was always focused on the negative.  Some days I would actually dwell on negative thoughts (anger, hate, depression, fear, doubt), my entire work day!  I mean I would leave work with a headache!

About that time a friend, Dave, noticing my state of mind lately, asked me if I ever read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, to which I replied, “yes”.  Then he said, “read it again!”  He then handed me his copy.

So, almost reluctantly, I read it again… only this time… I would pay attention!  See, like me, most just read the words and think, “oh that’s a nice little book”, and move on.  This time I noticed something right off… Mr Hill stated over and over in the intro, “if/when you’re ready…” so first off, if you’re not ready, whatever this book contains, you’re not going to do or most likely understand anyway!

I was however so disgusted with myself… I was ready.  Another thing that made me “ready” was we were a family of 4 living in a tiny 700 sq ft duplex in the SF Bay Area driving an “85 Olds. 

The chapter on Faith also got to me on this trip thru the book.  This is where I learned this was an “action” word and is based upon moving in the direction of your goal with Trust.  That those who seem to propel against all odds to some goal they “know” they will get to are simply taking action with total Trust which when combined is… Faith.

The next chapter that really hit me (now I was yellow marking up his whole book!  I bought Dave a new copy!), was on Autosuggestion.  I then realized this was “an action” chapter!  So I took some of the phrases I learned in this book and applied it to my own autosuggestion (affirmation).  Mine was/is, “Only positive emotions and thoughts will dominate my mind at all times!”  What this meant to me was that ANY time during the day/night nothing, I mean nothing but positive thoughts were going to be allowed to enter my mind or be dwelt on, ever, no matter what!

So began my experiment on myself to see if this were actually true, if I’d start attracting, feel good, change my world (which I so badly wanted to do!) so to speak, and I did this with a good heart and open mind, not cynically. 

It started with a metaphor.

I worked in a massive grocery warehouse, 12 acres under one roof, racks of grocery items that forklifts put away or take from.  Yet in all this was a tiny shipping office up front and receiving office in the back where truckers bring their loads daily.  This is where Mr Hill’s chapter on the Subconscious Mind fit right in! 

This warehouse I was working in was like my own subconscious mind, vast, full of whatever we choose to fill it with!  Whatever WE allow in and to stay in!  The tiny receiving office was our conscious mind, what we allow in, what we allow to sit and occupy our space in that vast warehouse is decided by that office!  It’ll just sit on those racks all over that warehouse IF we allowed it (for life, hardening our hearts, making us bitter). 

Amazingly, the tiny shipping office also worked so well in this metaphor!  All the good, bad, negative, or even disgusting behaviors we own, this office “ships out” for the world to see!  This plus all that we “hold” in that warehouse is who we are, how we act, what we’ll attract, period.

So, with that, I set out on my journey to “clean out my warehouse!”  Till next time, God Bless,




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