Taking action, the application of that little book

With that giant warehouse metaphor (see previous post), a dark dreary rainy Monday morning at 5:30am, heading to the job, and a new long week, I started my autosuggestion.  I was just driving to work and saying to myself out loud and with emotion, “Only positive emotions and thoughts will dominate my mind at all times!  Nothing else is getting in!

The whole drive to and from work was filled with this (about 20 min each way) and I was really letting it soak in, “coloring” it with the feeling of being free of negative thought!  I was actually a bit demanding of this to happen, as there was no way I was going to even allow a minute of dwelling on a negative thought!  So all week I kept going (the first thing I noticed is you become “aware” of your thoughts), “feeling” that autosuggestion.

The next thing was amazing to me.  The 2nd week, taking the weekend off, I continued and kept a very conscious eye on my thoughts.  I was going through the whole day, already (!!) with only about a minute of negative thoughts!  I’d catch myself in seconds!  Right then… I knew I was onto something!  In fact that whole 2nd week there only a few minutes of negative thought!

I was free!  There was no way I was stopping now!  Almost strangely, I would start out Monday morning happy to get in my car and affirm what I was going to allow into my “warehouse” and… what I was going to allow to be “stored” in there too!  I was in charge and cleaning house!  In his book, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill also stated that what our mind is filled with the “Universe” (God IS the universe and all in it) will attract to us.  Since I was always negative, this became my surroundings, sadly, I allowed my family to be a part of my negative thought processes.

See, it affects those around us, who we love and love us, but they hang on hoping things will get better or in the case of our small children, there for the ride, whatever ride that may be.  I no longer would accept this!  I knew without a doubt that as long as I kept my mind free of negative garbage that this law of attraction would kick in!  I was in for however long that ride was, months or years, my family was worth it!

I was preparing my fields!  A must watch movie, my favorite.

I was trying different network marketing programs for the few years leading up to this since I believed that if I could get one going it could replace my job and I could be free.  That’s what the dream was… time… to be with my family full time!  It was my dominating good thought!  It was simply awesome to imagine!

So, after many tries and only minor success, one finally took off.  By now my autosuggestion was longer and I added a few more powerful phrases since I was free of negative thought and truly in charge, I now had room for more!  A year had passed and I was a different person in the way I lived.  I started doing well in a network marketing company I was in, I felt things were taking off… then they shut down!  It did hit me hard for a few days but I also did not dwell on it, I adjusted and kept going, I saw it as a sign I was going in the right direction!

Finally, maybe a year and a half after Dave handed me his book, things changed like I hadn’t imagined!

I found myself, “retired”, living at Lake Tahoe making more than I did at that warehouse!  Gone were the endless days of negative thought feeling trapped in my job, not being with my family.  God did this, not me, He allowed it if I got my mind straight.

For the first two years I would wake up, go to the front window and just look out, being Thankful and amazed really, at the pine trees, squirrels, snow, quiet, happy neighbors, etc, and etc!  You can just breathe the clean mountain air!  One of the most photographed places on earth, Eagle Falls overlooking Emerald Bay is just 10 minutes away!

In my mind, I knew that changing my thoughts led to this and my residual grew to three times what I made at that warehouse.  With that company we won a first class trip to Hawaii that was beyond anything we’ve ever done, I mean first class, limo’s only, all tripled tipped 5 star meals, helicopter, island hopping, tours, spas, golf, you name it, for 9 days!  Funny, coming back home meant Tahoe, we were fine with that!

Never underestimate your thought process!  Following Napoleon Hill’s principles for success all started with the mind and taking action to clean it out!  And yes, I know the Key.  It changed everything, not overnight, but it goes fast, and it is truly a journey!  Till next time, God Bless always,




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