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Note: follow my blog starting with my Bruce Lee post below, on this daily blog you can just press the End key to catch my latest, thanks!

1/25/13  going to start an informal blog.  Ok went from last night around 9pm to 11:30am (1/2oz Ximo) to have my protein shake w/water, that’s 14.5 hrs no food, no prob.  W/o was bag, 50 ea of 2 combos, 25 1-2’s (see Bruce Lee post for details), it’s my Bruce Lee workout, wt 172lbs, 3mi treadmill easy 7,0mph avg, peak 8 elliptical (level 4, incline 6) very strong, stretch before/after on all w/o’s.  Will be making fresh salsa and have chips/salsa for lunch, ate my 1st meal at 1:15pm (over 16hrs w/o food just the small shake!). Going to train internet marketing w/Empower Network, blog daily, goal is to find leaders to help us build Ximo (Multi Functional Beverage), very few know about this amazing drink yet, solid, stable, new!

1/26/13  went from 8pm to 12:30pm no food just water and pre w/o Ximo, 16.5 hrs.  w/o gym, 4mi run avg 7mph, 10min stairs level 6/13 1:20sec intervals, 50 floors, stretches, 20min sun (natural vit D supports a large amt of our immune systems!  Time to get my mileage up for the Dipsea race in June, intervals Apr 1. About 16 blogs now, daily internet marketing training.

1/27/13  daily fast from 10:30pm (snacked late) to noon 13.5hrs, w/o bag work, upper body 45lb bench 80reps, curls 25lbs 40 reps, flies 20lbs 30 reps, 20 min cycle level 4 – 6.11mi, pre/post stretching, chips salsa, blog, wt 173.

1/28/13  up at 6:30am, blog, daily fast from 9pm to 12pm noon 15 hrs, w/o 2mi run avg 8mph, 40min stairs level 7, per/post stretching always, med cheese, beef jerky.

1/29/13  up at 6:30am, blog, daily fast from 9pm (some cookies and ice cream lol!) to 11:30am 14.5hrs, bagwork, 2mi run 7mph, peak 8 fitness elliptical, strong w/o. Blog starts here.

1/30/13  up at 6:30am, blog, daily fast from 9pm to 11am 14hrs except for some coffee that had some sugar, so at least 12hrs if you count that.  No w/o today, taking a break, will peak 8 on the recumbent bike Fri is the plan, will film a minute or two and post it here from youtube. It’s an intense w/o!

1/31/13  up at 7am, blog, 10pm to noon fast 14hrs, Ximo, w/o heavy bag, pull up/bar dip 3,2,1 3reps ea, 4mi treadmill 7.2mph avg, 20min sun, still have a bit to lose on my stomach – front, sides, sixer showing but not clean, objective in blogging to go 100 days straight, learn more each day as I go, make more backlinks, grow quality contacts, new friends.

2/1/13  up at 730am, blog, 10pm to 1115am fast 13+hrs, will try and go 15-16hrs more consistently, w/o 4mi treadm 7mph easy, peak 8 rec bike, video showing how I take the last 7 sec and go all out, been doing this for about a yr, starting with 3sec, 4, 5, etc, 7sec may be it for that lol!  This video shows me during the 4th sprint.  Ok, need to find a way to now start outdoor runs, maybe off the hill, 1-2x/wk, 7-10mi is now mandatory for base miles to race Dipsea early June!

2/2/13  up at 730, blog, 9pm to 9am fast 12hrs, w/o bagwork, 2mi easy treadm 7mph, stairclimber 20min 114 floors, pre/post stretches, was going to run outdoors but was cold. cloudy but had a good w/o, time for a day off lol!

2/3/13  up at 830, blog, no w/o fast 12hrs, ate some heavy carbs.

2/4/13  up at 830, ran 6mi outdoors easy pace, 8pm to 12pm daily fast 16hrs! Wt 171, noticed that my overall carb/calorie intake is too high, so going to lighten that up while increasing weekly mileage, need to work to 30mpw by April and 40mpw all April and May with intervals starting April for an early June Dipsea race, also daily fasting 14-16hrs as much as possible, I need to be at 160 race day to be effective.

2/5/13  4hrs sleep, up 830, Ximo, w/o bagwork, upper body hi rep, 2mi treadm easy 7mph, sun, daily fast 800pm to 1130am  15.5hrs eating decent, wt 171.

2/6/13  5hrs sleep (stressors/cortisol), up at 8am, Ximo, gym, ellip 20min 4297, recumb bike 40min lvl 4 avg 18-19mph 12.23mi, pre/post w/o stuff, daily fast 8pm to 1230pm 16.5hrs whoa, wt 172.

2/7/13  day off w/o, full sleep, up at 730, blog, daily fast 730pm to 12 noon 16.5hrs, wt 174.

2/8/13  up at 845, 5hrs sleep, no daily fast, wt 172, w/o bagwork, run 2mi 7.1mph avg, ellip 40min lvl 4, 8824 avg 220rpm, going to have to lower my upper body w/o’s and increase mileage to get to 160 by June, plus overall calories still too high.

2/9/13  up at 830, blog, full sleep, daily fast 15.5hrs, w/o 3mi at 7.7mph avg, stairclimber intervals, 8 reps at 30sec ea level 17, 90sec at level 5, 90 floors, ate ok, 19mi/wk, wt 172.

2/10/13  up at 715, blog, daily fast 16.5hrs, w/o 5mi treadm 9min mi slow run, wt 172.

2/11/13  up at 715, blog, w/o short, bagwork, 20min recumbent bike lvl 4, 6.18mi, daily fast 14hrs, wt 172, as running mileage goes up wt will come down, need to be 160 in 4 mos.

2/12/13  up at 7am, blog, daily fast 15.5hrs, w/o 5mi treadm 7mph avg, easy, p/u/bar dip 3,2,1, wt 171.

2/13/13  up at 9am, blog, daily fast 12hrs, w/o run 7mi easy outdoors, wt 173, 17mi/wk going (Sun-Sat).

2/14/13  up at 715am, blog, daily fast 14hrs, w/o bagwork, 30min recumbent bike easy 7.2mi lvl 4, stairs Harveys 3 reps easy, wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, wt 174.

2/15/13  off w/o, daily fast 12hrs, blog, wt 175.

2/16/13  up at 830, blog, run outdoors 8+mi slow, daily fast 10hr, wt 171, 25mi/wk, plan to hit 30mpw around the 1st wk of Mar.

2/17/13  up at 8am, blog, w/o gym, bagwork, 2mi at 7.8-8.1mph, peak 8 recumbent bike, strong, sun, daily fast – I’m going to just mention it as a abbreviation df = 12 hrs, wt 174, expect wt to begin coming down within days now as I’ve lessened my upper body w/o and added miles, also, need to run outdoors while I can up here as bad weather is coming again.

2/18/13  up at 730, blog,12hr fast, 8mi easy run outdoors, wt 174.

2/19/13  up at 730, blog, 16hr fast, bagwork, 3mi easy treadm, all w/o’s have stretches pre/post, wt 174, going for another 25mi/wk.

2/20/13  up at 8am, blog, 14hr fast, day off except stairs at Harvey’s – 20 floors x 3 easy up and down, helps prep for the Dipsea stairs, wt 175, diet fair, 13mi so far/wk.

2/21/13  off, so basically two days off, wt 175, diet fair.

2/22/13  gates canyon 7.2mi some good uphill, 42:28/1:15 out/back, didn’t push it, equals best time last yr, lots of calories.

2/23/13  up at 8am, blog, no daily fast for 3 days (12+hrs), 3mi 830/mi pace easy, 23mi/wk total, wt 175, two weeks at over 20mpw wt will now begin to fall, at near 30mpw this coming wk I’ll be in the 167-8 area, diet will now improve also, race day goal in June is 158.

2/24/13  up at 8am, blogs, daily fast 12hrs, w/o bagwork, recumbent bike 40min 11+ mi, legs tired, wt 174.

2/25/13  up at 830, uri going, blog, daily fast 14hrs, w/o 6mi easy outdoors, wt 172.

2/26/13  up at 830, uri in full mode, 14hr fast, w/o bagwork, 3mi easy 9min/mi, 30min sun, wt 170.

2/27/13  up at 8am, uri better, 16hr fast, w/o run hwy 89 10mi more like a jog to get used to the distance,19mi/wk so far, wt 168, blog.

2/28/13  up at 430am, blog, uri last stage, no fast, w/o just stairs at harveys, 20 floors x 3 easy pace, run to 6, 12, top, diet poor, wt 171.

3/1/13  up at 530am, blog, uri nearly gone, 12hr fast, w/o run 6mi road easy, diet better, 20min sun, wt 171.

3/2/13  up at 7am, blog, 15hr fast, w/o gym, bag, p/u-bardip 3,2,1, run 3mi treadm 7:50/mi pace, wt 173, 28mi/wk, going for over 30mpw next week.

3/3/13  up at 9am, 12hr fast, w/o gym, run 4mi easy, always pre/post stretches, blog, calculated amount of two new combos at 4050, over 15,000 1-2’s in the last two years!  Wt 172.

3/4/13  up at 830, 12hr fast, w/o run 10mi hwy 89 easy, wt 170.

3/5/13  up at 830, no fast, w/o gym, bag, 2mi easy, wt 170, going to take Wed full off, feel tired physically so it’s break time!

3/6/13  up at 830, blog, 14hr fast, no w/o, wt 172, snow up here so may have to do runs on the treadmill for a week.

3/7/13  up at 830, blogged at 3am, 12hr fast, w/o gym, bag, 4mi treadm, 4 sets of stairs harveys 6,12,20, wt 172.

3/8/13  up at 8am, 14hr fast, w/o gym 7mi treadm easy, wt 172, blog, legs a little sore from mileage and stairs, working my way up in miles takes adjustment, will now start having a 3mi faster run ea week to get ready for 40+mi/wks in April and intervals, like to work my way to 10+mph for 3mi before Dipsea as a goal, weight in April needs be in the mid 160’s, so Sun or Mon will look to hold 8mph for 3mi, then 8.2mph, etc.

3/9/13  up at 9am, blog started, 16hr fast, run on road 4mi easy, a bit icy, 31 mi/wk, wt 173.

3/10/13  time to start a new page soon, blog, daily fast 12hrs, w/o gym, run 5mi easy, 1mi of that 8mph, felt ok, wt 174, rt big toenail blown, sore, will come off soon.

3/11/13  up at 8am, w/o gym, run 4mi treadm 32min, p/u, bar dip 3,2,1, 14hr fast, wt 172, will wait on bagwork till toe is better.

3/12/13  up at 830, w/o run outside, 9mi easy, 17hr fast 9pm to 2pm just had small protein shake actually ate at 320pm whoa, blog, wt 171.

3/13/13  up at 8am, w/o gym, bag, then 4mi easy outside, 15.5hr fast, blog, wt 172, toe getting better, tomorrow off, 22mi/wk so far.

3/14/13  up at 930am, up late, no w/o, 13.5hr fast, blog, feel strong, adjusting to the miles now, intervals and 40+/mi/wks start in 2wks, that will be tough at first, wt 172, will now begin 8pm to noon fasts, lighten cals, carbs a bit as I need to be around 163-5 while putting in these miles!

3/15/13  up at 8am, blog, w/o run 6mi easy, 16.5hr fast, may do a couple light pre interval w/o’s on the treadm so it’s not a shock as I’ll be over 40mpw and once/wk intervals, wt 170. Tomorrow, Sat noon Dipsea reg, stairs at Harveys, 4 sets, 20 stiries 6,12,19.

3/16/13  up at 930am, was blogging at 2-4am, 15.5hr fast, w/o gym, 4mi treadm, 32mi/wk, wt 172, starting new daily blog here!


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