Foundational Principles of the United States part II

We recently watched a movie clip at our church titled The Monumental with Kirk Cameron, we then went home and saw it in it’s entirety on Netflix.  This was an eye opener!  Whether anyone would like to argue it, this country was founded on Christian principles, but what did this mean to us?

From the time the Pilgrims, known as Separatists (a religious group that was a breakaway from the Catholic church of England where church and government were extremely tied together), landed at what is now Plymouth, Massachusetts, to the founding fathers of the Declaration of Independence, Christianity was the basis for the laws and morals of the people that began this country.

The Plymouth Pilgrims, escaping religious persecution, began their colonies, including Jamestown, with foundational Christian principles that formed our country and our 1st Amendment of our Constitution, freedom of religion among others.  We also learned about how harsh the conditions were for these early settlers, nearly half died within the first winter.

What we didn’t know (my wife and I), was that these principles were used in all manner in the formation of our country.  In The Monumental, it describes the statue of the National Monument to the Forefathers as the foundational principles for our society, based on Biblical ideals and is accepted as how we run our government.

Note: during these early colonies, many barbaric practices still existed like those towards adulterers, witches, homosexuality, and those denying the Bible.  That a person would actually harm or kill another for this is amazing and goes against the teachings of Jesus in whom the New Testament is based.

In all government monuments up to WWII, there is reference to God, the Ten Commandments, or a Biblical verse.  After this it begins to erode and no longer usually contains any of these references.

However, as we continue to take these principles out of our schools, homes, and government, we are witnessing, starting with the family structure, the decline of morals of our society.  We see children raised without guidance except those of their peers.  Many commit crimes, are disrespectful, don’t have work ethics, and wind up on welfare, in prison, or homeless.  Then we wonder why we need gun control!  People that have zero morals will always have access to guns.  History has shown what governments do after they ban guns, they round up masses and exterminate them.

In my post Further Thoughts on Massive Reps in Martial Arts, I expand on the Law of Sow and Reap.

I was Blessed to be raised by great parents, we didn’t go to church or subscribe to any religion, but we had morals, values, ethics.  We were taught right from wrong!  We used to have a flag raising ceremony before school, we said the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag before class, every day, to a flag that SO many gave their lives to defend!  To defend the ideals, principles, and for us to have the freedoms we now have.

As we move away from these principles, as we watch society erode into moral chaos, I reflect back on a time when nearly all people were sincere, genuine, and wholesome.  In fact, my wife is one of those!  Tammy was raised with values and is a coal miner’s daughter from families of miners going back generations.

I’m not sure where society is headed, only God knows, but to have so many with no-low morals, values running around in gangs like wild animals and zero family structure, I prefer an armed people.  Till next time, God Bless,


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