My story of success in network marketing

Referring to my two blog posts about the application of the principles of Napoleon Hill from Think and Grow Rich, this is how my journey actually became reality.

My wife and I were sitting on the swings at the Tahoe Valley Elementary school playground in Sept of ’95, letting the boys play while renting a cabin just to get away from the SF Bay Area, our little 700 sq ft duplex, and dreary warehouse job.

While watching them play we asked ourselves, why not live here?  One look around at the trees, mountains, peacefulness and it was clear that living here would be awesome! 

This was during the time when my autosuggestion was ongoing and I was trying new ventures, using the phone, fax, and meeting directly with people to expand my network marketing businesses.  I was always focused on one business at a time, the current company I was in was just about to go down as I made my first residual check of over $500 for the previous month.

So even though we just created the idea of our dream of moving to Tahoe, things then went south on my business, one that would have to replace over $3,000/mo and benefits!  It seemed like I was a couple years or more away from actually having the ability to quit my job and leave our little duplex.

Then in Dec of ’95 I found a company called Changes International through a copied flyer from a lady in Los Angeles who sent it to me in the mail.  Things were different then, I was online but only knew two people with an email address!  Their company wasn’t online, so all I could do was call the lady and the company and check it out, inquiring especially about their new type of compensation plan.

The whole concept appealed to me, the last company I was building closed it doors, if we were going to live our dream, I needed to get busy!  So with calls, faxes, meeting people, sampling, I again used our grocery money, during the holidays, and bought my first qualifying order in Changes Int’l! 

I remember my first check in Feb ’96, for the previous month’s volume. Tammy got it from the mailbox and I told her if that check was over $100 it would be awesome as already my order was paid for and we were on our way.  She looked at me and told me it was higher, I was excited and said if it’s over $200 then we’re in business!  She then said, “It’s nearly $400!”  It was beyond exciting to us!

The next monthly check for Mar volume was $615, the next $1,024!  We were sitting at my mother in laws kitchen table looking at my 5th check we hadn’t cashed yet, it was $2,044.  It was really happening, this was serious money!  The checks kept climbing near methodically.  In Sept Tammy went up to Tahoe and scouted out a home to rent with an option to buy, she took it!  I quit my job, we sold her ’66 Mustang coupe and moved to Tahoe making as much as I was in the warehouse job, only these checks were residual!  They kept coming, growing!

My check in Jan ’97 was over $5,400, less than a year working the business.  The dream was on!  We were in fact living at Lake Tahoe, one of the most beautiful places on earth, in a house that was over 1,500 sq ft!  Our kids were in fact going to that very school we sat in the playground dreaming about moving here and not knowing exactly how we were going to do it!  Our home is one block away from that school!  It took a year to the day we were sitting on those swings dreaming.

The checks in that company quickly grew and were in the $7-10,000/mo range for the next few years.  It was amazing to just call my own hours, have the time freedom to do things, family time, explore, and workout up here in the mountains.  The super 1st class trip we won in ‘00 to Hawaii for 10 days was way beyond anything we’d ever done before, let’s blog about that!

In summary, we are both Thankful to God, as we know He is in charge and allows these things if we work for them, Trust by walking in Faith, and have the right attitude.  My mind was positive!  Look for that “key” Mr Hill was writing about in his book!  Till next time, God Bless,


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