A “perk” for success in network marketing

Of the 100,000 or so reps in the company we were in, 5 were chosen for their Presidents Club, they could take their spouse and the trip was Hawaii, the next year’s winners would go to Italy.

My group’s volume was decent in the scheme of things, around $3 million for the year, but the winners were based on 6 months of growth from Jan thru June of that year.  With the help of a few great networkers plus me finding some active new reps, we won!

My wife and I were on stage at our company convention in Dallas along with the other 4 winners and their spouses and… the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders!  That was exciting to say the least, like nothing I had ever done, remember I was stuck in that warehouse job in the SF Bay Area (previous post), and retraining my thoughts was fresh in my mind!  Did I believe?  Oh yeah!

There I was mingling with Mark Victor Hansen, Jerry Clark, the CEO of the parent company, and more!  We soon went back home in Tahoe to prepare for our trip.  We bought nice new clothes just for this trip, my wife selected a whole new size 6 wardrobe, we were told we should dress for 5 star dining and sightseeing.

We caught our flight to Los Angeles and our trip was on!  First class to Hawaii, I wasn’t to aware of how they filled glasses, I ordered a bourbon coke.  Well they just kept refilling it!  Plus champagne was flowing, not being a drinker needless to say I was toast getting off the plane in Oahu!  I pretty much missed the limo ride to our hotel, and crashed on the bed like a rockstar!  While Tammy was putting away clothes I got lucid for a moment and asked her, “Is this a nice room and how did we get here?”.

Since there was a meeting at the hotel restaurant in the late afternoon I got it together and we talked about how the next 9 days were going to play out.  The itinerary was planned and there was a company couple who’s sole job was to make sure each day went exactly as planned, no hiccups.  The CEO, President and their wives were also part of the vacation.  That evening was the first of every night limo trips to selected 5 star restaurants, tripled tipped with a crew of 3-5 waiting on our table!

We stayed on Oahu for a few days and toured daily, then Maui for the rest, except for an island hop for a day in Kauai.  The food was amazing.  The Hyatt in Kauai is awesome, and it was the Four Seasons hotel in Maui.  One night in Maui we all went to see such a memorable live show called Ulalena front row.  Everything was limo’s, finest dining, tours.  Tammy and I took a several hour spa day in Maui that had 5 different pools, massage, crazy!

A few of us selected to golf on the Prince course, which was fun and at times hilarious, even a cart wreck on a volcanic hazard area!  Hey, you lose a ball in that stuff, it was gone!  I think I went thru like 5 new balls each 9 holes!  I have a “mighty” (the CEO called it) full swing, but hitting straight was another thing!

One of our favorite days was an afternoon helicopter ride over Maui to Hana, flying over the waterfalls in the jungle areas, then having lunch catered to us there.  We rode a special limo bus, stopped for a tour and jumped in one of the Seven Sacred Pools for some relaxation.  I bought a very cool hand made coffee cup there to remember it by.

Look, the trip was amazing, we experienced so much more but it shows the stark contrast to what was happening in our lives just a few years after I started my affirmations and to clean out my mind of negative thoughts.  Again, we weren’t returning home depressed about the trip being over and going back to “the grind”, we were going home to our two boys in Tahoe, living on full time good residual!

Sharing this story can show you what focusing on one main principle will do, just clear out the baggage and give it time, but things will begin to change (and it takes action), slowly at first, but it will!!  Till next time, God Bless,




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