Wow! Things have changed in network marketing!

Since our good run in Changes Int’l, things have been different to say the least!  It was about 10 years ago that their parent company floundered due to wild spending and not following advisory council guidelines.

That company quickly went down, was sold for pennies on the dollar of what is was worth, a couple of us even tried to buy it, then our checks and volumes began to drop fast.  I am truly Thankful for that time I had and great ride! 

So this started what is now my previous decade in network marketing!

Needless to say it was a rollercoaster ride!  I became involved in many companies, came out ahead or well ahead in each venture, however the overall time was a struggle. 

My personal design flaw is that I cannot join a company that doesn’t get me truly excited!  If the product isn’t new, hot, unique, the compensation plan strong, I wasn’t able to move forward. 

The problem with that is it meant I was always in a new program and all the risk associated with it, and as this industry has proven, that means there’s a huge chance it won’t last!  That, sadly, proved to be true!  This also caused my family to ride the rollercoaster of finances with me!  I mean we were doing well, then struggling, the ups became less than the downs!

I was doing what I was good at, dialing network marketing genealogy lists cold, over 10,000 calls, found a lot of good connections and reps this way!  Lately, I’ve found that technique is less productive, even with a good list!  Dialing was going the way of the dinosaur!

So, about 5 years ago I decided… I better get a job!  To supplement my fledgling residual checks and to gain benefits.  At Tahoe I chose the casinos as I knew they’d have better benefit packages.  I started as a dealer for a year, went into security, also did some risk management, sales.

Last May, I lost that job.  So rather than work the j.o.b. I decided on network marketing, see if I could get checks going and stay home full time again!

However, things really have changed!  Dialing, emailing isn’t the way anymore.  It’s about gaining an online presence over time and allowing contacts to come to you!  It’s about some of those contacts becoming leads (prospects)… then you can call them!  Getting conversions from that method is the new way.

So recently, I watched this video and realized that if I didn’t update my marketing methods with the times, I may as well get a job and do network marketing as a hobby part time for good! 

Here I am, learning daily how to grow my presence online while actually doing it!  There’s nothing like residual checks flowing to you and being home full time!!  So, I found that I either adapt or flounder.  Otherwise I may as well give up on my dream.  I chose to adapt! 

Come with me on this journey, let’s do it together!  Watch the video link above, it will hit you between the eyes like it did me.  Till next time, God Bless,


Online marketing video


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