US medical, costs, lives, and real health!

I was surprised to learn recently how much is spent in the US on “medical care” (highest on earth) and that our country places so far down on the rankings for overall health!  It’s about… profit.

One of the many benefits from reading Dr Mercola articles is to gain a true understanding of certain health issues.  If you haven’t subscribed, go to his site above and do it!  I choose the articles that interest me and follow them to his site, they’re extremely well written and apply directly to our lives!  Over the years I’ve applied in whole or part many of his strategies for health.

Note: these articles are backed by references and many times studies, Dr Mercola has a whole team that helps and verifies.

Dr Mercola is the largest natural health (we’re talking Prevention here!) readership online in the world, I’m truly grateful for his experience and all the studies he looks into for our benefit, for free.  Also, his life is an experiment for the rest of us as he lives as close to what he preaches as anyone!

It hasn’t become quite clear yet to most Americans that our major health care system is built upon super expensive drugs, tests, and surgeries that are rarely preventative in nature and can have very dangerous side effects!

For example, I was a juror in a tragic wrongful death case a couple years ago.  It was a young man, engaged, whole life ahead of him, promising future.  His father brought him home from our local hospital after light basic knee surgery.  He was on opiates for pain both in pill and intravenous. He was taken off intravenous and released, had a pill at home.

His father had him sitting up in bed on his laptop, he was alert enough to work his email program, so his father went to fill his prescription.  Came back home and his son was dead.  Needless to say, it was horrifying.  It also woke me up to the fact that SO many people die each year from drugs!  Those statistics are staggering!

The pharmaceutical industry for the most part is truly interested in profits over minimal accepted deaths!  Proof of this lies in the fact that many drugs are “passed” through the FDA and after a few years and thousands of deaths related directly to a new drug, the lawsuits or settlements are a fraction of the profits (expected), therefore… acceptable.

I’m not sure of this fact but believe it’s true… that more people die from drugs each year, just in the US, than those killed in the entire Vietnam war.

This does not include the thousands injured, some permanently, by the drug’s side effects.  So it’s legal to kill for profit.  The FDA also has many working within who have ties or worked in the past for pharmaceutical companies!  Talk about conflict of interest.  But it’s many billions of dollars that are at stake. 

I believe, personally – and tell me if you think I’m wrong, that this age of awareness will be looked upon as truly barbaric, killing for profit with drugs that are only meant to mask symptoms and not attempt to cure the actual ailment.

To me, this seems similar to the Coliseum of Rome and gladiators killing for sport… we call that barbaric… well how about killing for profit?  Sounds possibly worse to me. 

Imagine living in a huge home, country club, finest of everything, but the money you receive knowingly comes at the cost of human lives, many suffering long term effects, families losing loved ones.  What goes around comes around, there IS a price to be paid.

If this doesn’t make you want to “Take charge of your own health” ~Dr Mercola, then nothing will!

More to come about the medical profession, till next time, God Bless,


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