Choosing Prevention, great decision!

We can go on endlessly about the huge potential for danger in traditional healthcare, it’s all about the money, who’s paying, do you have insurance, etc, way before you’re ever admitted!

On to Prevention!  Here’s something my wife and I have incorporated into our lives a few years ago… we try to get 20min of sun on most of our exposed skin around 3x/week.  The studies on natural vitamin D (a hormone actually) conversion are incredible in relation not only to our immune systems but other functions as well, making this one of the most important steps to take in Prevention!  This Dr Mercola page is maxed out on the subject!

We’ve also added high intensity workouts to our Prevention methods, basically the day Dr Mercola released his view on the studies and concept of the sprint 8 now what he calls his Peak 8 Fitness, I was intrigued.  I began 2x/week right away and my wife has been doing this for close to two years!  I write about this in my blog from a couple weeks ago.  These are short but intense!  In fact, I’ve had people watch, comment, and seem amazed at these on many occasions!  I tell you I feel so strong because of these, read about it, they have huge benefits in Prevention!

I’ve added daily fasting (blog on this), my wife does some too.  At first the idea seemed “out there” to me, but then I thought about it, hey, most days I eat my last food around 9pm, go to bed at 11pm, up at 7 or 8am, drink water, a shot of Ximo, workout, and I’m not eating till around 10am-12pm anyway!  So I’m essentially daily fasting 12-15 hrs/day!  Some days during the week I’d eat/snack later, have something before the gym or my day off and it was still around 10-12 hrs without food.  So these days I just focus a little bit more and easily average 14hrs/day fasting!  Some days 16 hours!  No problem, but what great benefits this has!

As I watch people eat massive amounts of carbs daily, I realize why the US has such an obesity problem!  We’ve got away from principles based on moral, ethics.  So why not gluttony?  Discipline is a characteristic of successful people.  Eating without thought, gorging, then chasing it with beer or soda, it’s a way of life, and soon, medical support will follow.  We’ve cut carbs way down over the last several years!  I recognize all foods now for their carb content.  I don’t sit and count them, I just know at the end of the day whether I’ve done okay in my overall carb intake.

Lowering carbs is a habit you should bring on, however, we did it slowly, by lowering starches and easily identifiable sugars, not a lot, but about half.  Then later, half again.  This is a proven life extension habit!  Sure, like anyone else, I can sit and eat a half gallon of mint chip ice cream in one sitting!  Or a bag of Lays BBQ chips and French Onion Dip!  I abstain for the most part!  But not always!  This keeps my weight very level!

Nutritional supplementation, I’m going to do a blog on this, but we believe in dense nutritional support since we’re lacking in many areas, for now, here’s a super complete truly great tasting liquid formula for the whole family we’ve used for over a decade and we used a less complete formula a decade before that!  Read the ingredients!  Look for my family’s health testimonial in this coming blog!

Sleep… I’ve blocked all light sources in our room so there’s zero light!  A great night sleep is a major component of heath!  If I feel tired and behind in sleep, I’ll nap once or twice/week, 45min and I’m back!

I’ve always used head sets on home phones or the cell since the mid 90’s!

We don’t char broil our food or cook till it’s too dark!

Our plan is to always buy produce from local growers and buy meat from local range fed farms!  Plan is to add juicing near daily… we’re not there yet… more raw foods!  Although we’re getting better!

That’s just a few major principles we’ve added and it’s changed our lives!

Your longevity and health along the way is your genetic potential, be all you can be!  Try to avoid dangerous situations, toxins, toxic relationships, stress, study the Bible with others, be Thankful in all things you can!  Till next time, God Bless,



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