US Healthcare system or Prevention?

In this discussion of healthcare I’ve come to notice that the usual “treatment” for illness is prescriptions, tests, and many return “visits”.

Note: before I get rolling here, I want to say there so many good doctors out there who truly want to/and are helping patients, and the work in most emergency/trauma centers is nothing short of amazing!

A single “visit” to an emergency room however, with say an infection probably costs over $1,000!  Just being admitted to be “seen” can be $500!  A scan or xray, over $1,000.  To get a prescription/s for say pills that may cost $100 is a great business model for making sheer money!  Heck, my Maui Jim sunglasses probably cost $3 to make (it is 7 layers of lens) and they sell for over $150!

Another quote I’ve heard is that if you’re not willing to take preventative measures for your health and that of your family’s, then the medical profession will!  That’s dangerous given that many types of germs like staph and pneumonia are picked up at hospitals, plus you’ll be on meds.

About two months ago I had this tremendous pain in my stomach and lower back.  Finally after many hours I couldn’t take it any more!  I went to emergency at 10am.  After an IV which worked to eliminate the pain and a scan, it showed several small kidney stones, my blood showed creatinine levels well above normal.  I was released and given a vicodin prescription.

The pain levels came and went many times daily so I reluctantly stayed on the pills.  After a week, my constipation and brain fog was too much.  I could tell this drug had enormous side effects over time, so then I was given a large dose anti inflammatory instead which was also effective but noticed other side effects.

Finally, after about 3 weeks, the pain stopped.  Turns out the protein shake I had near daily after each workout, plus the fact that my exercise program was usually intense, kept my creatinine levels too high, so I took the protein shake out of my diet and my levels are going back to normal.  I felt the shakes did good so I’ll find a new brand and use it less.

Bottom line, drugs have dangerous side effects!  I can’t even imagine what some people experience while taking 3-5+ different meds daily!  Especially older patients!  They have enough going on already!  But when the person finally expires of “natural causes” you can bet drugs helped them on their way.

Like when a person “dies from cancer”, they usually died from the side effects of their “treatment”.  Lost a great friend a couple years back, large radiation dose, then chemotherapy, exposed damaged artery, he bled to death in the hospital.  Obituary, “Rick died from cancer”.  I had given him a very strong alternative from a doctor in Carson City, NV, far less invasive, yet better statistics (read about IPT here wow!).

If you are into prevention, you do things daily that massively increase the odds you won’t get diabetes, cancer, heart disease, etc.  Dr Mercola goes over a rather simple formula for success (the bottom of the article, do enjoy the read on big pharma!) and keeps updating any latest finds.  We have incorporated many health concepts gradually into our lives over the years and understand the value of doing it.

Lately, while on the job, it was so obvious to me know watching first hand the incredible habits of most (nearly all) people!  The way they ate, slept, lived their “normal” lives, they were so disrespectful of their God given temples during their short lives while here on earth!  So, over time, like smoking, the body withers, grows old fast, the medical community must step in, your life has just reached the end game.

There are so many excellent steps in prevention we’ll get into!!  Till next time, God Bless,


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