Why we believe in supplements big time!

In the early 90’s I heard the Dr Joel Wallach “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” tape for the first time.  It made sense but the medical community didn’t appreciate it and Dr Wallach made the recording controversial.  However, much of what he was talking about on that tape has been accepted by the mainstream and proven today.

His 90 minute recording was riveting and mostly about minerals and soil depletion, which we all know is true.  His “solution” is based on an ancient humic shale found in Utah mines where plants from a time of great soil mineralization were compressed over time and are now a loose shale substance underground.  The plant derived mineral density is so great that it can be leached into large water vats and sold at an amazing 38,000mg per 32oz!  This is a naturally occurring source of minerals that our bodies can utilize and cover the entire spectrum of around 80 elements!  From a time when trees grew many feet per year and creatures the size of a two story house roamed the land with mouths not much larger than a horse.

This led me to research and I was online in ’93 but things were harder to find!  The first company I became very successful in had also developed a comprehensive liquid nutritional product with plant derived minerals.

Let me describe our health situation at that time in the early 90’s; in our new family of four we had colds, flu’s, and infections on nearly a weekly basis!  Someone had an ear infection, I had a URI, a kid had a cold, it usually meant a Sunday 2am (always happened at the craziest times!) trip to the emergency room to get a prescription.  If Tammy had the flu she was down for 3-4 days and I was running things and supporting her while working full time, any guy will tell you that is rough!

After years of this, it was getting old and I realized the medical community had no answers for us, they would simply prescribe antibiotics and try to make us comfortable.

What about Prevention??

I decided to test a formula (product no longer exists) out on our family see if we had the even the slightest improvement!   So, everyone in the house got an ounce/day!  In two weeks, no one had any illness, okay so that was good.  The next full month, nothing, hey, it was working!  Well a few months went by, still nothing!

We were sold.  It was totally obvious.  The idea that just adding a complete formula changed everything was amazing.  For the next two years, nothing!  We were all healthy and far more productive without someone always being sick!  This also added fire to my network marketing business since I was promoting the company now where we bought the formula.  Bottom line: adding this formula upped our immune systems to the point where we went from illness in our family 2x/mo to zero per year immediately!  Like the turning off of a light switch!

When that formula was taken off the market due to company failure, we found this formula which is better and even more complete.  Our family has been doing this for nearly 20 years, the kids never get sick, even when half the schools out ill!

It’s Pro Image Pro Vitamin Complete, it has a huge array of nutrients all in a super tasting, highly absorbable liquid drink for the whole family!

Do yourself and/or family and friends a favor, get them on this, it made a huge difference in our lives!  It’s about covering all your bases nutritionally.  Fewer diseases, illness, cancer, added longevity, as world renowned researcher Bruce Ames said, “It’s inexpensive insurance with no downside and the potential for enormous health benefits.”

Till next time, God Bless,





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