12 steps to prevent cancer and achieve amazing health!

In a previous blog on Prevention, I touched on several concepts we’ve incorporated into our daily lives but didn’t really cover the tremendous list Dr Mercola has put together over decades of research!

In this article Dr Mercola lists 12 steps to keeping cancer away, permanently!  These steps also apply to all health issues.  Not a guarantee of total health but this will most likely get you as close as possible to your full genetic potential lifespan while being at as close to your best functionality that you can be!  “Be all you can be!”  Literally.

The steps: first two listed, lowering carbs, especially high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) are something we’ve embraced for quite some time, my wife and I have had our insulin levels checked several times over the years, always in the good range.  This is also the result of some of the other steps below.  Lowering your carbs from all sources in half, do this one today!  It’s not hard!

Step 3 is easy, lighten way up on the vegetable oils or better yet switch oils, instead use extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, or we tend to use butter most.  For omega 3 to 6 ratios we will be going with Dr Mercola’s krill oil.  This has many huge functions for overall health and your cholesterol, and proper fat ratio numbers.

Exercise is a major step, we’ve adopted a 4-5 day/week program here with Peak 8 Fitness 1-2 times/week (Peak 8 workouts are something very few people do).  Gets everything moving, provides oxygenation, helps control insulin therefore cancer in a major way!  I imagine if you’re following my blogs at all you probably already have a consistent program!  Also I keep a daily blog for workouts, daily fasting, diet, thoughts, etc.

Vitamin D levels have now become understood as a major component to overall health!  Studies are showing it’s such an immune system booster that we should find a way to get sun as part of our lifestyle period.  Tammy and I get probably 20 minutes 3 times/week on average, this with most skin exposed, it’s easy, after my workout, I shower, throw on some shorts and go sit outside our gym for 20 minutes and head home!  This way I don’t wash off any oils or vitamin D before it’s reabsorbed.

Overall health is totally impacted by your sleep!  Normally I sleep very well and 8 hours/day average.  Since I no longer work nights (Thanks to God), my schedule is much improved!  Plus I’ve taken the time to block out all light sources and our street is very quiet.  I take several deep breaths before sleep to further relax.  The exercise program helps to bring a good nights sleep also.  If I’m under or over trained I tend to wake up and not be able to go back to sleep in the middle or beginning of my sleep cycle.

Step 7 is eating according to your nutritional type.  Genetically we are built to function best on certain types of foods.  I’ve found a great test for seeing if a food is right for me; on an empty stomach try a certain food and notice 1) if you’re hungry right away or 2) if you feel tired or weak not long after the meal.  With milk products I get watery eyes, sneeze, and actually wheeze within minutes!  If I eat Chinese or pizza I’m hungry in an hour!  Peanut butter I’m tired like I need a nap!  These are just a few examples that helped me determine if a food choice was right for me.  I can snack on jerky, almond butter, salsa for example and seem to function normal.  One thing for sure, to eat well (local, organic, meats, supplements, farmers markets) is more expensive so it will have to get budgeted in!  We try to do our best here.

Steps 8 & 9 we’re pretty good about, avoiding toxins, I am aware and realize breathing toxins or allowing them on my skin isn’t going to happen!  In regards to radiation from any sources we try to beware for sure.  In fact I’ve been using a headset for my landline and cell phone since the mid 90’s!  It’s rare, like minutes only that I talk on a cell without my headset and try to keep the unit 1-2ft from my body when I can.  There are other sources and I am aware of them in most cases.

We rarely BBQ and know it’s inherently unhealthy, and almost never eat charbroiled meats, but we have.  Most of our food is baked, steamed, rarely fried.  So we’re not too bad there at all.  Look to super reduce this way of eating in your lives now.

Keeping your emotions in check is a big step for many!  Stress, anger, negative thinking will not only age you prematurely but may assist in cancer growth.  Deep breathing, exercise, music, etc, may help you emotionally.  We all go through these times for sure, but my affirmations basically cancelled out all negativity!

Dr Mercola says finally to add broccoli sprouts to your diet in a big way!  I would add vegetable juicing here as well.  My only problem with eating broccoli is I like to add some ranch dressing, but steamed with some sea salt, they’re great!  We also add daily fasting, around 14 hours/day average, some days it’s 12, some 15-16.

In conclusion, I’m sure if you do these steps and they’re really not that life altering, you’ll nearly eliminate your chances for getting a cancer, my take is that if you did get it or it was already present, your system would be so strong against it your survival chances would be many times better.  Till next time, God Bless,





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