Full spectrum supplementation, amazing results!

In a previous blog I went over how our lives changed with the addition of a single product that had over 100 ingredients.  Update to today, we now take a full spectrum great tasting liquid with 178 extremely bioavailable ingredients!  It’s surprising so few know about this type of product!

This product is built to nourish your body!  Let’s face it, if you’re going to workout, stress, not eat great, just day to day living… it’s like you’re using your bank card over and over but not putting enough back in!  Now, in a one ounce shot, you can cover such a massive amount of bases!

Another part of the ingredients is plant derived minerals which I went over in the blog above, there’s no question the US top soils are so depleted and we don’t get minerals from anywhere else!  The value of the appropriate amount and bioavailability of minerals is mandatory for overall health and proper body functions in every cell!

There’s a comprehensive fiber blend from several sources and a very wide spectrum herbal blend.  It seems to go on and on… a large “Fruit and Vegetable Phytonutrient Enzyme Blend”!  If that weren’t enough, a whole food greens blend and a liquid protein amino acid blend. 

Another point that sold me was showing the effects of taking Pro Vitamin Complete (PVC, my site is TryPVC.com) on live blood microscopy, it was so eye opening!  

First of all, I didn’t know how strange our blood looked before taking an ounce of PVC.  Our blood most of the day looks like it doesn’t even function properly, a drop of my blood under this special microscope showed all platelets stuck together (not a single red blood cell alone!).  It also showed “debris” floating around that the technician said was fat spicules, uric acid crystals, and a few other things I forgot, it was a mess!

After 45min of taking an ounce of PVC, we did a new drop of my blood.  Let me tell you it was amazing!  It was nearly unbelievable.  Besides what it was doing for our health so obviously, my blood was now so clean!  And… not a single blood cell stuck together, not one!!  This was freaky!  We couldn’t find even two stuck together!  Virtually nothing floating around in between these cells now!  I’m talking night and day here!  This also had to be taking place in all my blood in my entire body!

So, I came away from that knowing without a doubt that my blood would be functioning so much better during a workout!  Now I always take an ounce before my workouts!

Note: this live blood microscopy was done over 10 years ago; the product has been greatly improved in many ways since then!

It’s first class all the way, website, packaging, customer service; this is a solid stable company that has been around going on 18 yrs.  It’s also a network marketing program I have made a lot of money with, a rich compensation plan, so it’s easy to get your product free by referring just a few who order like you, or go way beyond!

In conclusion, our family takes Pro Vitamin Complete daily, if we’re out, we do our best to hurry and get more!  I feel a sense of calm about our overall health and that we’re giving our bodies the richness of full spectrum nutrition they deserve, especially when we ask them to do so much sometimes!  Till next time, God Bless you all on your life’s journey,





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