Plaque in your arteries, can it be reversed?

It was mostly after WWII when lead paint was found to cause sometimes severe problems in children and certain industrial workers exposure to heavy metals that oral chelation was found to be effective in the safe removal of heavy metals from patients suffering the effects of these heavy metals including lead poisoning.

Another positive side effect of oral chelation therapy was that it also helped remove plaque from arteries.  The most dangerous is the “vulnerable plaque” described by some doctors.  This plaque can breakaway, dislodge and enter the heart or cause a stroke and be potentially fatal. 

Bypassing the bypass!

I’ve taken several therapeutic and maintenance doses over the past several years just to keep things clearer internally with Essential Daily Defense from Longevity Plus

The active ingredient that tends to draw out, bind to, and allow your body to excrete heavy metals is Calcium Disodium EDTA, along with several other ingredients to support health in your vascular system.

Although I never really noticed any changes, the fact that oral chelation works to help reduce plaque and heavy metals, gave me the feeling of insurance that I was proactive in my overall health! 

The possibility of even having a mild heart attack and doing irreparable damage to our most vital organ is far too repulsive a consideration especially given this therapy option!  Or worse, bypass surgery, where they open your chest, take some vein length from your upper leg and create a “bypass” of a blocked artery to your heart in 1-4 places.  Although considered “routine”, besides having all these wounds to heal, scars, physical therapy, $100,000+ medical costs, there’s still a 5% chance you’re not going to survive the surgery!

Back to Prevention, it also occurred to me that since I have fillings, eat fish, and may have absorbed heavy metals in the past that oral chelation therapy would also be very helpful at removing these toxins.

The fact that I have eaten heavy carbs at times and unhealthy foods, still way better than most, I know that I would probably benefit in some plaque reduction.  My father, great man beyond words, had severe plaque buildup by his 70’s, but he did smoke cigars daily and enjoyed alcohol in a limited fashion, didn’t exercise, and was overweight.  Although I’m doing the opposite, I am still possibly prone to arterial buildup, so it’s a precaution… prevention.

A problem with oral chelation is that it also can remove some good minerals from your body, so replenishment is necessary!  I choose to add the ancient plant derived minerals I talked about in a previous post.  Not as much during the therapeutic cycle, like 10 caps/day for 30 days (300 count bottle), but towards the end of a cycle, I add 1/2oz/day of the plain minerals above to my Pro Vitamin Complete (PVC) for several days to give my body the absolutely necessary minerals for ongoing health.  Remember what PVC also did to our blood on a microscopic level!

The decision of how long you want to stay at a therapeutic or maintenance level is up to how you feel about your overall health, family history, food choices.  Relatively young people today drop from heart attacks without a clue, but if one took a serious inventory of their diet and exercise habits, it may be obvious that plaque buildup could be at a very dangerous point in their lives. 

I go by “feel”, so for me, I will choose a therapeutic level (a 300 ct bottle for a month) a few times/yr and some light maintenance (3 caps/day for a month or two per yr). 

Note: there are several thousand doctors in the US that give intravenous chelation therapy.

Finding a doctor online who does this is not hard, we have a fairly close doctor who does.  He is an MD who also believes in naturopathic prevention!  This is a more and more common find these days as many doctors realize with all their knowledge they can utilize prevention and a more natural approach to helping their patients rather than just prescribing some drug and getting paid.

The belief is that IV chelation works faster but is less thorough in it’s cleansing while oral chelation takes more time but does a better job overall.  If you have the money, around $250 each IV session, both may be desirable at first to get going if you feel you’re “clogged’.

In conclusion, you don’t hear much about chelation therapy but it has its roots based in removing toxic heavy metals with the effect of cleansing some plaque that can be very dangerous.  So from all I’ve studied on the subject it’s inexpensive and like Bruce Ames said, “…has the potential for enormous benefit”!  Till next time, God Bless,



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