A true story that completely captured my imagination!

Taking a break from the usual topics, it was in the 90’s and I was watching an In Search Of rerun and immediately fell into a trance!  The way it was presented was just amazing.

It was Leonard Nimoy hosting and here’s how it went… In 1795 a few boys out exploring took a small boat over to an island in the northern Atlantic Ocean near Nova Scotia just off the Canada coast.  The day before, one of the boys had discovered something strange there so he talked two of his friends into going with him to the island. 

Once they arrived and started walking across this rather small island they came upon one of the many oak trees and noticed a large round depression in the ground under a large oak tree.  Directly above the depression was a large branch with a heavy worn out area on it, as though it was used as a hoist or block and tackle to lift and/or lower something very heavy into the ground below!

Now very excited, the boys had heard of local legends that pirates may have used an island or area nearby as a place to stow stolen gold from England or Spain.  

This is about that time I had to watch the whole show to see where this was going!  But the story got more intriguing… the boys… convinced there was buried treasure, would have it dug up and be back home by evening!

So the quest began for the buried treasure that surely lied in the depression below.  With shovels, they started digging and right away came upon flagstones not from the island in a circular pattern, once removed they kept digging and at 10 feet hit what sounded like a wooden treasure chest.  Excited, they uncovered a layer of logs tightly laid together with ships putty as a seal.  They threw those out of the pit and to their surprise there was nothing but dirt and the hard clay walls with pick axe marks.

Note: these logs were later carbon dated to around 1575, around the time of the Spanish conquests.

They had to quit for the day and returned again, with the help of more friends at about 20 feet down, they struck wood again.  It was another layer of logs and it was becoming more difficult to haul these logs out but they did and kept digging knowing the treasure was close.  At 30 feet and many weeks of digging another set of logs and the boys were in too deep literally and had to give up. 

Several years later a larger more equipped crew had invested some money and were going to dig and get to this treasure.  It was obvious that great care was taken to bury it therefore it must have great value.  Note: this was during the time George Washington was President.

The crew used pulleys and oxen to keep digging and pulling up wood, as these logs were found at every 10 feet down to an amazing 90 feet!  Then they finally hit a flat stone with strange markings on it.  It was later thought to say “40 feet below 2 million pounds are buried”.  At around 100 feet they hit what sounded like large vault of some kind.  It was late, dark, they called it a day and would go get the treasure the next morning.

Note: the stone with the inscription is thought to be only found… in Egypt!  Could this pit be of Egyptian origin?

When they arrived to the pit the next morning, they discovered it was filled at 30 feet down with water!  There was now about 60 feet of water between them and what they believed was the treasure below.  It was basically over for this crew.

What had happened was that when the last set of logs were removed; it broke the seal and allowed water in from two amazing tunnels from both shores of that part of the island!

Later crews found the side tunnel that led from a shore back to the pit at around the 90 foot level, the other tunnel was found coming from the other side of the island shore into the pit at the same level!  So that if someone digging got to that point they had to make sure these side tunnels were blocked or the wall would give way and flood the tunnel, like a death trap for anyone but those who buried the treasure!

Note: also found on the shores, lower in the pit, and where these specially stone lined tunnels began, were tons of coconut husk fibers laid out like blankets.  The closest these fibers could be found was 1,500 miles to the south!

Over the years, decades, now two centuries, professional crews, millions of dollars and 6 lives lost later, it’s just a large crater of water!

There are several theories about pirates, Captain Kidd, Spanish gold, one thing is certain, a plan so elaborate was laid out some 4 centuries ago that it challenges the imagination!  Now privately owned, it is not known whether any treasure will ever be found except that something of immense value must have been buried there for all the effort, engineering, and sheer genius that went into the pit!

The actual In Search Of  video.  A more in depth videoWikipedia.

Till next time, God Bless!





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