The Highest Honor Bestowed on an American Soldier.

Many years ago, when I saw on the news about a soldier who won the Congressional Medal of Honor and was received by the President to give him the medal, I decided to look him up online.

I don’t remember that soldiers name now, but I bookmarked the site.

You can search, go in alphabetical order, date, or conflict, but if you click on “view” it will tell a brief story of what they did to receive this medal, many posthumously.  A soldier may have dived on a grenade and saved many lives or remained behind and died while many could flee under his cover, these are the amazing stories of the CMOH recipients.

They are true American hero’s who served way beyond the call of duty usually to save fellow soldiers, many times under intense combat.  Sadly, there is no doubt many more who served this way and were never given tribute, no one but God can know.

Note: as of this blog there are 3460 recipients, 80 living, that’s a small group considering it goes back to 1863 and the Civil War (nearly half of the recipients are from the Civil War).

Here’s an example: “Citation

For extraordinary heroism and valiant devotion to duty as commanding officer of Marine Fighting Squadron 214 in action against enemy Japanese forces in the Central Solomons area from 12 September 1943 to 3 January 1944. Consistently outnumbered throughout successive hazardous flights over heavily defended hostile territory, Maj. Boyington struck at the enemy with daring and courageous persistence, leading his squadron into combat with devastating results to Japanese shipping, shore installations, and aerial forces. Resolute in his efforts to inflict crippling damage on the enemy, Maj. Boyington led a formation of 24 fighters over Kahili on 17 October and, persistently circling the airdrome where 60 hostile aircraft were grounded, boldly challenged the Japanese to send up planes. Under his brilliant command, our fighters shot down 20 enemy craft in the ensuing action without the loss of a single ship. A superb airman and determined fighter against overwhelming odds, Maj. Boyington personally destroyed 26 of the many Japanese planes shot down by his squadron and, by his forceful leadership, developed the combat readiness in his command which was a distinctive factor in the Allied aerial achievements in this vitally strategic area.

There are 3,460 stories of bravery beyond selflessness because it was usually about saving fellow lives and taking or holding near hopeless positions.  These are the kind of people that turned the tide of wars.

Yet we also give equally the highest honor to even that of the Unknown Soldier, why?  Because everyone counts and we honor any American who dies serving our country as sacred.

We are also reminded of all who served and are currently serving, those who are wounded physically and/or mentally.  Also, the families of our warriors who wait or waited for their return, sometimes to never see them again, the ultimate sacrifice for their country, to which I for one am truly Grateful.

This blog is about those who received this highest medal and I know I could never give it justice except to humbly steer those who don’t know or understand in this direction.  The stories are real; I have read about 20 of them and not even scratched the surface!  Audie Murphy, the most decorated soldier of WWII is in there.  Read some, take a moment in your life and really appreciate how gallant some of these soldiers, officers, pilots, gunners, medics were.

This makes one proud to be an American.  Not all things go right politically here and there is corruption.  I know this, God is there, and a price will be paid by those who dishonor, disrespect, lie, and use their God given positions for unrighteousness.  I will cover this in a Law of Attraction blog, yes it’s Sow and Reap my friend and it’s real!  But this is America and people gave some or all so we could sit here and read, post, get on the net, and to enjoy all our moments here as freely as we can.  The CMOH site will make you proud, I just had to let those know who didn’t!  Till next time, God Bless,



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