Weight gain, sleep loss, could it be cortisol?

This is a subject that is becoming more popular lately as to why primarily women may have these issues.  This also goes along with hormonal dysfunction related to thyroid or menopause.  However, cortisol is secreted from the adrenal gland along with adrenal under stressful conditions and can cause symptoms that seem quite similar.

The story goes like this, a woman has a problem in her household paying bills and is under stress, she eats heavy carbs for quick satisfaction and then gains weight.  Added to that, under stress, cortisol levels rise and cause the body to store more fat, even when eating like a bird!  Another side effect is insomnia, which in turn adds to more weight gain (people who sleep 4-6hrs/night gain weight and are less healthy). 

So the cycle of fat storage begins.  Indirectly stress causes you to crave sweets and high carb foods, then you become sugar burning and fat storage body.

It may also seem like you’re in a cycle you can’t get out of!  You can only sleep 4-6hrs/night and this only adds to your stress!  How can you solve this?

Let’s then look at possible solutions to help lower the underlying issue of stress reduction.  One can look online at various potential symptoms, and a myriad show up; surely a few of them fit your description, forgetfulness, insomnia, weight gain, depression, etc, very general.

The obvious ways to help control the symptoms, is regular good exercise, way less carbs and calories overall, regular sun, and those concepts on the health list.  Getting to the root of the matter is about prevention.  Taking the example above, if this woman had her household income increase and was suddenly paying bills was not a problem, the stress levels would go down and most likely the rapid fat storage with it.

What if you can’t eliminate the stress?  Is there another way/s to overcome?  There are steps to take physically and mentally to help lower stress and the effects it may have on you.  As in the example above, the stress point is an overwhelming feeling of bills and the inability to keep up, even when those bills are paid up to a degree that lack of funds is still a background reality causing sleep loss and weight gain.

As mentioned above, exercise, much lower carbs from all sources and sun are very useful, but the stress point needs to be addressed also.  Short of her becoming a millionaire overnight, ways to make more money is getting at the heart of the matter.  If that’s not possible, then additional ways may be needed. 

For example vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid), vitamin C, and folic acid are found to reduce cortisol levels, also eating more fruits and vegetables, relaxation like meditation, deep breathing, music, time with your pet, etc.  A couple herbs to add are Dong Quai and Golden Root, a full spectrum vitamin-mineral supplement such as Pro Vitamin Complete like we take, will all help to lower cortisol levels.

Also branched chain amino acids include leucine, isoleucine, and valine are shown to lower cortisol in studies plus leucine supports muscle growth and fat loss, available in any health food store or online.  Or Dr Mercola’s Whey Protein, whey protein studies show that it lowers cortisol levels. 

Once you’ve attacked this problem from many angles, you should be able to lower your cortisol levels enough to begin serious weight loss and a good nights sleep once again!  Keep me posted on your progress!  Till next time, God Bless,





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