Another amazing true story that captured my imagination!

This story takes place in Florida in the 1930-40’s, it’s based on a love interest really and the amazing power of a small man from Latvia.

Like the Oak Island story, when I first heard about this I was immediately placed in a trance as I began to learn of the Coral Castle!  The man was Edward Leedskalnin 1887-1951, a Latvian American who built a large set of coral-limestone structures including a two story tower he lived in, each piece weighing many tons and evenly square cut… by himself!

He only worked in seclusion from anyone’s view, for 28 years, possibly as a tribute to a girl he once knew in Latvia. 

The stones are cut with such precision that light doesn’t pass through the joints and are held together by their own weight.  With chairs that rock, tables, tower, and gate, the average weight of these stones is an incredible 14 tons, with the largest piece at 27 tons!  All cut and moved into place by one small man and very basic tools!


So the real question remains… how did he do it?  He claimed “It was easy if you know how.”  But even the digging up and cutting of a single stone with today’s equipment would be a major undertaking!  In fact, he put in a massive weight, multi ton door that when it was built could be pushed by a finger!

Note: the door did go out and to fix it took a crew and a 50 ton crane!  Remember, Edward, a small light man with basic tools built all this! 

Here’s my thoughts and questions: how did he even dig out each stone block?  How did he cut them so perfect?  (That’s a major question!)  How did he balance them?  How did he stand them upright!?  Or get a many ton stone on top of another well over his head?  How did he move a majority of them 10 miles to a new location!??

This is a must watch!  A super cool video made by a man in Flint, MI.  In it he shows how he can move a concrete block the weight of a minvan 300ft in an hr using some little rocks to balance on!  He quickly moves a barn to a new location!  He stands up a block by himself, upright, using mostly sticks and stones, that weighs nearly 5 tons, the weight of 2 bulldozers! 

Although impressive, remember, Edward moved stones he dug out and precision cut with an average weight of 14 tons!!

Watching this and knowing that Stonehenge was built some 4,000 years ago gives an insight as to how it may be possible.  But it leaves a lot of questions unanswered about how Edward built his Coral Castle.  Cutting the super heavy blocks out of the earth and then finishing them to be so flat that no light passes between them defies natural human abilities!

Just imagine yourself with a rough cut piece of concrete, and make it into a nice rectangle block, near perfectly flat on each side.  Either he slept 4 hours/night and worked on his place all his waking hours or there is something near magical was going on here!  

One thing is certain, in my travels; this is a place I must visit!  Till next time, God Bless,



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