Do we really attract what we think about?

In my previous post I went over changing your mind – changing your outcome and that this takes time, interestingly, some more immediate things are noticeable.

Years later I took the time to study this further.  In a movie called The Secret, it explained how your thoughts set up an attractive force in the universe that eventually begins to bring your dominate thoughts into your reality.  That “universe” being God and those thoughts are connected to His Spirit.  While not a huge fan (but liked) of the movie some points are true, however, it takes positive action and is a spiritual journey in my humble opinion.

However you want to believe it all works, it works.  Those immersed in negativity will bring about the circumstances that are in harmony with those thoughts over time.  Just how much time, God only knows… but something along your thought lines is coming!  I was there, and I also changed.

For me it took about 18 months, from the time I made up my mind to change my thoughts, for the major changes to be right in front of me as reality, however, the 2nd week things were already happening!  I focused on financial independence (being home with my family, out of my 15yr warehouse job), and moving to Tahoe.  I didn’t focus on how to pay bills or why sometimes things went wrong, I just dealt with it and stayed totally focused.  I had many challenges in that journey, it was not always good, but my mind would not allow me to dwell on it and I kept going.

Napoleon Hill wrote, “Thoughts are things.”  Once you write it down, it takes form, as you continue towards those thoughts, strong visions, it sets events in motion!  Faith is about taking action with Trust (which is Love), Determination is that powerful attitude of Conviction while you’re moving forward… think about it… does this sound like a person who’s going to quit when things aren’t working out?  No way, they adjust and stay after it!  So long as the goal is good in all ways, doors will begin to open at some point, it may seem like a long time, but when it does it will feel like so much is lined up for you!  Jeffrey Combs refers to this as a synchronicity of events.

There are many great points made by Joe Vitale in his book Attractor Factor.  It all starts with you and boils down to your thoughts, your focus.  The big secret?  I’ll get to that… funny that it’s so simple.  Joe asks, “Where’s your focus, on money or passion?”  People get what they want by focusing on their passion first!  By focusing on money, they’re missing the point!  This is why if I select a network marketing venture, I have to be truly excited about the product, otherwise I’ll flounder or my results will be average at best.  This is why I chose Ximo, what an amazing energy, weight loss, mental clarity product!

Your mind soaks up all the negativity around you unless you program yourself to never dwell on it, so try to remove all negativity you can.  Joe states, “As you improve, your world improves.” And “The trick is turning every one of your complaints around to something you DO want.

He says people may pray but “The most important part of prayer is what we feel, not what we say.”  Most people just go with whatever life brings them, instead of creating their own direction and going for what they want.  It’s that walk in Faith towards your goal that sets the events and circumstances of life to start showing up for you.

Here’s a big quote by Joe, “If you don’t consciously select where you want to go, you go where your unconscious wants you to go.”  So keep your goal in constant focus, it requires vigilance, and if you’re truly excited, this passion colors your thoughts and visions to attract your goal to you. Imagine how it “feels” to attain your goal/s.

Most people like to lie and say they are comfortable where they are, truth is, it’s a common excuse.  But for those who have that fire, the will to achieve and be much more… they don’t just dream, they do!  This was just sent to me, “Spectators pay, but participants get paid… big!”  Many times I’ve found myself doing what most won’t do to get what most don’t have, sometimes I’ve made it!  The real secret is… well… till next time, God Bless,



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