Further thoughts on the Law of Attraction, a true story.

We’ve seen this Law in action, besides some of the real events that happened in our lives, here’s one of the best…

My wife Tammy decided after our 2nd boy was born, due to her complications, that it was dangerous to have another baby, yet she always wanted a girl and she has a lot to pass down.  So, years later when our youngest son was around 10, we decided to look into adoption.

We found a network online and a company south of L.A. that had good reviews and drove down to meet them.  They had asked us to prepare a notebook about us, our lifestyle, and family, with pictures.  This was for the prospective mother.  We wanted a girl and that’s about all we asked for.

So we paid the fees, came home and Tammy wanted to prepare a room.  We took our extra room that had a lot of things wrong with it, and went to work.  We ripped out the 70’s shag carpet, the ceiling had to be re dry-walled, fixtures, closet, wallpaper, new wood flooring, trim, furniture… in a few months the room looked amazing!

Tammy had the first two years of toys, crib, daybed, stuffed animals, redone chest for clothes, even baby items like diapers, ointments, stroller, car seat, nothing was left out! 

Days and weeks turned into months, then a year… it was about that time I came into the room and saw Tammy nearly in tears saying, “Am I asking God for too much?”  “I already have two great boys.”  “Do I really deserve to have a girl?”  She was asking these questions.

But all this time, we prepared in every way, and gave her this “landing place”, we moved forward from the beginning like we were definitely going to have a baby girl in that room!  Our baby girl!  Yet it was 14, 15, 16 months now.  Doubts creeped in, was this really going to happen?

It was our youngest sons last day in the 5th grade, the school had a bbq and festivities, we were busy living life, doing things… we came home and I played our phone messages… one was the adoption company.  Tammy got home after I did, and I asked her to play the messages, she already knew it must be about our adoption.

The voice said we have a baby girl just born (it was in the L.A. area), call us back asap!  Within hours the whole family was in the van heading south.  We got there, things didn’t go right but it all worked out Thank God, in a few days we were back home with our baby girl. 

This has been amazing, how great this has all worked out, she’s perfect and now 10!  We look back on how this all happened, when we started, the belief, preparation, having all details ready, walking in Faith, and the amazing Law of Attraction in God’s universe! 

It proved to us how this Law works, even though we mess up, have doubts, fears (same thing), and want to give up at times, the goal is out there, God will provide in that long walk forward.  We already knew we were Blessed and that this gift from above was beyond measure.

So here we are again, fully Blessed, asking for more, but… willing to walk in Faith towards that goal.  Not being too attached to the outcome, believing, yet also doing… knowing this may take a long time and effort over that time.  “Running down a dream” the road can be long, dark, rainy, cold, and definitely not comfortable, but there’s something good out there… and I’m going for it.  Till next time, God Bless,





One thought on “Further thoughts on the Law of Attraction, a true story.

  1. rhythmrancher

    wow ~ what a beautiful way to say it Gary ~ and what an awesome personal story that really sheds light into this whole concept much deeper….just love it…. even tho we may mess up, everything can still work out perfectly, by God’s Grace. thanks for the reminder bro ~ too cool!


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