Some great final thoughts on the Law of Attraction…

And more great quotes from Joe Vitale.  During your journey “…you must joyfully feel the energy of the thing you want to do, be, or have.

While some of this may seem esoteric to you, since we’ve lived this, we know it’s real.  I’ve thought of it like I was a child and God is the Father, which is easy, so the question becomes, “am I the kind of child that a father would want to give things to?”  “How is my behavior?”  Do we try to get/do things for the child who is patient, loving, and thankful?  Of course, God is good.  Look around at a room full of children; it’s easy to spot those you want to do things for!

So as Joe says the whole process of having abundance is about one word… Gratitude.  I like to think of it this way, everything is an opportunity to be Thankful, and to have that attitude of gratitude.  I forget many times, but try to keep it in the forefront of my mind, as so many things can be overlooked and they are truly wonderful, even if small!

Also, this is cool, look for the opportunities to Bless or serve others!  Someone runs to get your car, serves you, helps you, do them right!  I have a friend who is a pro at making burrito’s, I mean these are so good and well made with love, and sometimes he makes a dozen or two and gives them to homeless on the street!  It can even be simpler than that, it’s letting someone go ahead of you in line, etc., you’re doing it for them, not you, expect nothing in return.

If I’m helping clean up after an event, I’ll try to go beyond just an extra hand, and may be among the last to leave.  My wife Tammy, goes the extra mile always.  Goodness comes back around just like the opposite, store up those treasures, expect nothing for Blessings, it’s about them, not you!

Joe repeats himself many times on this, select what you’re after and let go of it!  Let go.  God knows you want it and you’re walking in Faith towards it, but don’t be attached to the outcome!  It will come easier when you let go and TrustLetting go means – to Trust, if you love someone, you Trust them, you can’t have one without the other.  Trust God.

You also don’t need to know exactly how (let go of that too) you will attain your goal, what’s important is that you’re moving towards it in Faith, Trust, Love, like the Celine Dion song!  “Learn to stop figuring out how you will get what you want.

Act on your intuition along the way while “…letting go of fear, doubt, worry, disappointment, and any other negative emotion that might make you feel low.”  Here’s a good one… you’re “being asked to Trust.  Trust that when something happens it’s good, and Trust that when something you want doesn’t happen, it’s good too.”  This way you’re always positive and your lows are rare and short lived!  He states it’s “a balance of desiring and letting go.”

Also, he says, “…as I let go, Trust, and give Thanks for my life, I feel different, I radiate a different vibration to the world, and better things and experiences come to me.”  Watch for situations that “reek of synchronicity.”  Take inspired action, when you get that nudge, take action now!  Don’t wait around.

Get this: “When you want something and are fine if you get it or not, then you are most likely going to receive it.”  Add feeling to the image you have in your mind to manifest it.  “A belief without feeling is a thought.  You are thinking, and thinking with feeling.”  Leave the details to God, Trust the process, and that IS letting go.  Till next time, God Bless always,



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