Hair loss, I’ve slowed it way down, maybe stopped it!

It was only several years ago it occurred to me that my hair was thinning on the front top back to about the middle of my head.  I was dealing black jack and you face downward a bit and a friend noticed my hair looked very thin up there!

Note: I may have stopped or reversed my hair loss.

I started reading about hair loss, and Dr Mercola (this article is about using products that support your scalp and hair – great info!) mentioned some science breakthroughs that may be up and coming, he also talked about why hair followed a male pattern of going bald, and that not much could be done except maybe nutritionally at this time.  Well I really wasn’t ready to give up my hair!

He added in other articles that the area seemed to lack circulation and therefore nutrition, so it became clear I could take a few simple steps that may at least slow this process down!

So I’m at about 50 when I undertake a few ideas I can incorporate into my lifestyle quite easily.

In the shower, I used hot water on my head and washed it with a standard shampoo.  So I began using way less soap up there (will also start using a Dr Mercola shampoo formula without toxins and added nutrients) and changed the last part of my shower.

At the last seconds of my shower I place my head only into the stream and back the rest of my body away.  I then begin to turn the hot water side down and off making the temp colder and colder till it’s only cold, and at Tahoe, that’s cold!  This whole process can take 30 seconds and by the time it’s cold only flowing on the top of my head it literally starts a brain freeze!  It’s fully cold for about 10 seconds, you’ll know that circulation is moving up there!

I can then vigorously rub my head dry!  This does a few things; once my head is that cold, that area of my head holds tightly onto every hair!  Circulation is greatly increased on the top of my head, and therefore any nutritional components in my blood at that time are nourishing all the follicles in that area!  The vigorous rub also increases circulation there.

We take Pro Vitamin Complete so I have dense nutrition in my blood a lot of the time, also antioxidants from many sources.  You can read about my thoughts on that here.

I took a new spray bottle, added a few ounces of purified water from our Multi-Pure under counter canister unit (one of the highest rated), then I added a couple ounces of Pro Vitamin Complete and a couple ounces of Rockland Mine minerals.

Right after my shower, while my hair is still a little wet, I spray a full squirt or two on the top of my head and rub it in vigorously!  This puts a full spectrum of nutrients and plant derived minerals right into my scalp (which still feels cold from the shower actually!), then I comb it and my hair also stays nicely in place.

Since I started doing this almost every single shower from the time I was 50, I’ve definitely noticed that I seemed to have stopped my hair loss in its tracks!  Some may have come back even.

Bottom line is I’m doing the opposite of what everyone else does, they let only hot water run on their scalps while showering, and don’t take or add nutrition internally much less externally!  They then pamper the hair loss areas and maybe even blow dry!  This will lower the circulation and the ability for your scalp to hold onto the hairs in those areas.  It’s the opposite of what needs to be done! 

This is based on real principles that positively affect circulation and getting nutrients in your body and to the target scalp areas that are losing hair!

Obviously these concepts are for those who are just starting to lose hair or are in process but still have a decent amount of hair still left.  I’m not sure about those who have little or no hair left… used in conjunction with say the Bosley method, etc (which I don’t use), this may really speed up hair growth.  Use non toxic shampoos mentioned by Dr Mercola.  This will be a lifestyle change but only takes a minute daily!  Till next time, God Bless,



2 thoughts on “Hair loss, I’ve slowed it way down, maybe stopped it!

  1. Andy

    I finish my showers on cold . Eat really well and don’t use chem shampoos and I have virtually stopped balding , age 39 , was receding at temples post 24. Definitely something working!

    1. kirch5 Post author

      Awesome Andy, you are doing it. Mine started later in life, but all the same. I also w/o daily and maintain health in all areas. Feel free to email anytime,


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