Hand to hand, the power of wing chun

When we were in our out teens, a few of us friends began to practice wing chun but not to any exact standards.  We read about it and that it could be practiced non formally.

Note: we saw Bruce Lee doing this in Enter the Dragon sequences.

We knew that being able to feel and see what to do was important in close range combat.  We started slowly otherwise we were just going to end up with bloody lips and noses!  We were doing this to learn… so punches, counters, trapping, blocking was taken one step at a time.

A lesson we tried that convinced us how good this is, was when we found we could block punches and counter at medium speed in just a few short sessions!  You’d start by having some parts of your arms, hands in light contact, it is about “feeling” where your opponent is going!

A session would go with just one person blocking and the person throwing would do it slower, from all angles, and pick up speed in a controlled fashion.  This way there was a tempo to follow, eventually the speed could be quite fast and non tempo and nearly all punches would be blocked.  Those that weren’t blocked were not meant to connect hard but you’d know it!

Trapping (pinning an arm against the body temporarily disabling it) was added post block and then counter, we would train on just that for a session, it was slow at first so don’t be discouraged like you’re not learning fast enough as it’s amazing how you will adjust here!  It’s like you begin to feel what happens next!  Anyone can just start and begin blocking instinctively first session!

We began practicing in the dark!  No light, can’t see anything… starting with arms, hands in contact, slow at first then we picked up speed, it got to where we were blocking without even seeing!  We began blocking punches without even prior contact!  How is that?  It’s amazing what we’re capable of!

If you continue practicing you will become very good at defensive and counter in close situations at high speed.  One thing to note, is when all is blazing in real life, things are fast and furious, there’s no set pattern, objects or weapons may be used, there may be multiple opponents.  This is a violent intense unpredictable moment.

Here’s something else I learned… I do Peak 8 Fitness which is anaerobic exercise, also intervals sometimes, and endurance training so this I do know, most people don’t train like this.  What happens is they’ll be breathing very heavy and their arms will become like lead in a very short time!  If your opponent/s haven’t beaten you in 30-60 seconds you’ll have a huge advantage!

In a controlled martial arts combat, wing chun type principles will come in very handy as in real life.  It’s basically block and counter in very close fighting when things are happening very fast!  You’re simply upping your odds big time that you’ll fare extremely well in close quarters.  With the training I do it’s about having advantages in many situations.  Will you still get hit?  Could be, but it could be the difference of taking a direct hit on the chin or a grazing to the ear.  Or in 30 seconds your opponent is gasping for air and you’re just warming up!

In my 1-2 punch combo it’s all about having a foundational tool and advantage as I know very, very few have done this, and most idiots that have to become physical to solve problems are usually effective at throwing windmills of punches and kicks.  If you create a foundational technique (through massive reps) and some basic wing chun you can stay back, let it play out, and take shots at their knees while waiting for them to tire which won’t take long.  But if close contact happens, you’ll have an advantage!

You’ll find it amazing how fast you can adapt to block/counter learning!  If you take a few months at a couple times/week for an hour or two with a partner or two your skills will come up so fast!  It’s an added confidence and another arrow for your defensive quiver!  Till next time, God Bless,





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