A few sports I dabble at but would like to excel in!

Over the years I played several sports and was never really great at them, but always played hard!

Bowling was something I was taught as a teenager in high school since I had to stay indoors a lot.  I used my dad’s ball, bag, and shoes until a coach told me to get the money and at least drill up a different ball, which I did.  I went from standard holes to fingertip drilled for stronger rotation (which translates to more pin action).  He then taught me the simplest four step approach, delivery, and follow throughFollow through in all sports is huge!

I was soon (about 3 months) able to hold a 190+ average at about 16 yrs old, and did that for a short time not really applying myself further.  I could pretty much close each frame.  I recently bowled a couple times (we bowl like once/year) and was about 165 average for 6 games so may see if I can’t get a 200 average sometime.  I just noticed a delivery error that may help a lot and take me further than ever before.

Another sport I really like is tennis… even just to swing away and baseline rally!  It’s about hitting that ball hard yet controlled that’s fulfilling to me.  I’ve played many times but never really got serious, just played hard and tried my best.  I used the backboard and found better players, no formal training, although I’d like to get some professional guidance and become well above average for any age! 

The eye-hand training here is great, it’s about getting to the ball, really seeing it, setting into your stance, and swinging away with follow through!  If I can utilize a ball machine (like a batting cage) and some pro coaching (to go over my stance and stroke), plus a backboard, I can do 10,000 swings on several strokes each and become very accurate and fast! 

I’ve tried golf dozens of times but never applied myself over any period of time.  Around 2000 a friend who is a strong golfer worked on my swing so I’d have something going when we won a major vacation to Hawaii and golf was involved.  Although it helped my game I was still in the high 90’s for 18 holes.  However, I have a mighty swing as it was told to me by our company CEO! 

I have a full back swing to follow through, it’s just hitting the ball correctly I don’t have yet!  There are a lot of variables in my swing that only some coaching and massive reps will bring way down!  So that is another sport I would like to at least become good at, not sure I’d want to take it all the way to scratch golfer but at least be in the 70-80’s average.  The good part is I have an eye for the short game (chipping and putting) and that’s where most lose a majority of strokes!  If I can blast down a fairway I have a decent shot at a par.  So, once I’ve been coached to perfect my swing I can set up a mini cage (and some trips to the range) and do 100 swings 3-5 times/week and in several months have 10,000 strokes, it will be consistent by then. 

Note: another huge point in these types of sports is to stay loose!  Stretching before, during, and after makes such a difference, especially touching my toes.  I’ll hang down there for a few minutes and really feel my back and hamstrings relax where I’ve got my fists on my shoes or the floor, I’ll notice right then that I’m better at whatever I’m playing!

Who knows, I could become a scratch golfer!  I also like ping pong for the sheer speed and huge eye-hand coordination!  I mean you’re seeing and doing things in micro-seconds!  If you play this hard enough, your wing chun skills will take a real climb, I mean who really combines those in martial arts?  It’s an edge and if I was going in the ring I’d do this.  You see more at high speed and your reaction times are much faster, hey… it’s an edge and that’s what separates good from great!  So I like ping pong, sure… to play well and win… but it’s gives me a high speed edge elsewhere, and also slows down my view of tennis! 

In baseball the difference in pay can be 10-20 fold from batting .200 to .300 average and that’s only one more hit per 10 at bats!  It’s an edge… such is life.  You may appear to be great, but you simply dedicated yourself to massive reps with proper form!

In ping pong, they also have ball machines so you can work on your stroke from either side, here it will be easier to do 10,000 strokes from several angles in a short period of time and therefore play at a very high level!  Hey, if you want to sweat, get into it hard for an hour!

So it’s basically about having a good coach go over your movement several times over the course of your massive reps so that you are the most efficient you can be while racking up huge numbers of that movement.  The rest is up to you, focus, stance, follow through, staying loose, and I’ll take it further by staying in great physical shape, nutrition through diet and supplements, proper sleep and sun.  Go over my blogs on this I’ve linked in here!  I also have some Ximo before each workout or sport as it adds another edge in mental clarity, speed, and overall endurance! 

That’s a few cool things I’d like to take to a strong level through massive reps… for fun and to grow in my genetic potential, it’s a lifelong commitment as is say nutrition.  Plus I’m competitive and if I lose because I’m not good at something, I like to improve, it’s just natural to me, who I am, so find that spirit within yourself!  My father was the same way, he played strong in everything!  He could even throw awesome at horseshoes!  Till next time, God Bless,





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