Is soil depletion of minerals a myth?

It’s real, but how, why?

Well, it is known certain minerals are absolutely essential.  Whatever plants take up from the soil is all we get except for what animals take in that we eat.  There is over 80 minerals in proportional abundance in healthy soil.

Another thing I found was that even before the plants get the minerals a healthy soil has bacteria, fungus, manure, yeast, worms, and organisms living, thriving, breaking down minerals.

The problem with supplementing can be the ingestion of metallic minerals not in a plant derived form that our bodies know exactly how to handle (assimilate)!  For example, eating or drinking something from an aluminum can leaches into it’s contents metallic aluminum which can accumulate causing degenerative disease.  However, aluminum is one of the most abundant minerals in the topsoil of the earth!  When plants take it up and we eat them it’s in a natural colloidal (extremely small) form our bodies work with and can utilize.

Without this array of 70+ plant derived minerals, humans and animals will not function properly and will show signs of disease.  In depleted soil, healthy looking plants, fruits, and vegetables have a very short shelf life and are lacking in minerals for our benefit.  Without enough minerals, virus and unhealthy bacteria thrive in our bodies as minerals also keep our alkalinity correctly balanced.

Soil samples from across the land show such a decline in mineral content that, except for the few minerals added from fertilizer, there’s hardly enough to grow anything!  Farmers add a few minerals that give the appearance of fast healthy growth, but the topsoil is “played out”.  Without the full spectrum of minerals that provides a healthy environment for the organisms to thrive in the soil, it becomes barren.

In fact early settlers found their soil depleting in just a few years and had to constantly move on!  Only bottom lands near rivers or low lying areas that flooded might get some new topsoil through silt with added minerals.

So how can we get our minerals in a healthy way since what we eat is totally deficient?  We either supplement or we don’t get them!    

It turns out there’s an area in Utah where massive forests in prehistoric times were buried under tons of earth and became a humic shale packed with over 80 plant derived minerals.  In fact, this shale can be added to a garden like a fertilizer to create amazing vegetation packed with minerals!  This shale is actually mined like coal.

When this shale is placed in large vats of clean water, huge amounts (38,000mg per liter) of the plant derived colloidal minerals are leached into the water to create a dense liquid with over 80 elements in colloidal form!

These minerals or even garden shale can be bought from the Rockland Mine of Utah through their distributor ReachForLifeThis is the only source I know of for the best in these minerals.  We always have a 32oz bottle around and add a cap or two to our bottle of ProVitamin Complete (which contains some plant derived minerals) just for extra minerals for the family!  Pro Vitamin Complete also contains plant derived vitamins!  All other vitamins are synthesized in a laboratory; also vitamins must have plant derived minerals to be effective.  There are also proteins, carbohydrates, and fats that are essential for life.

Plus I use oral chelation a few times/year to keep my veins clearer since I don’t always eat right and that process will remove minerals from your body, good and bad.  They were initially used for that purpose, to remove heavy toxic elements like lead, cadmium, mercury, nickel.

If we workout we also lose a lot more minerals through our sweat, however, we must stay in shape!  So, if you’re not supplementing with specifically plant derived colloidal minerals, you’re no doubt deficient.  You can get standard vitamin-mineral supplements but they contain metallic minerals and nearly all are wasted.

Now you know where to get the proper minerals your body so badly needs!  In your quest for ultimate health make proper mineral supplementation mandatory!  Till next time, God Bless,



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