A great story about cancer survival!

This is the Sharon Martin story she sent to me and said it was okay to use, so here it is!  It certainly inspired me, and is based on the number of studies her father followed on ellagic acid from red raspberries, her quotes below.

Sharon is a networking friend of mine who was living in Taiwan on a missionary trip…

In Feb of 2004 while I was living in Taipei, Taiwan doing a volunteer work, I grew a 20cm. tumor in my abdomen, had surgery and was diagnosed with 4th stage ovarian cancer. My oncologist recommended 3 months of radiation, 6 months of chemotherapy and told my friends I would probably live 1 or 2 years. My CA-125 blood test (cancer marker) before the surgery was 1,800 and after the surgery was 167 (normal is 25 to 35).”

Her father was with my team in Pro Image (where we buy ProVitamin Complete) but I didn’t know at the time this was going on till a bit later.  Pro Image also carries a great form called Red Raspberry Gold with ellagic acid whose antioxidant ellagitannins has done very well against many cancers in studies and actual use.  Compounds also found in pomegranate and blackberries.

Note: “The antiproliferative properties of ellagic acid may be due to its ability to directly inhibit the DNA binding of certain carcinogens…”

My father sent me 4 bottles of a product called Red Raspberry Gold (from Pro Image International) that has “Ellagic Acid” – a natural concentrated “ellagitannin” taken from Meeker Red Raspberries. This substance has been proven in lab tests at the Hollings Cancer Center in S.C. to kill cancer cells and arrest the growth of cancer. My father had known others in the U.S. whose cancer improved or disappeared by taking the Ellagic Acid so he was confident that it would help me also.  Of course I was skeptical as one tends to be in life threatening situations –  however, since I really wanted to avoid chemotherapy,  I decided to give it a try.”

In my blog on steps on anti cancer derived from Dr Mercola (with links), red raspberry isn’t on there except that since your diet can give you amazing tools to fight cancer (your own immune system is what ultimately must win the fight).  There are several steps that should be taken daily, a lifestyle really, but look what adding the Red Raspberry Gold and ProVitamin Complete did to help ward off cancer here!

I agreed to start radiation treatments (mostly to satisfy my oncologist) but asked him to hold off on the chemotherapy for just 3 weeks while I tried taking the Red Raspberry Gold. My doctor was not happy at all but grudgingly agreed to let me try it. I told him that if my CA-125 blood test didn’t show significant improvement at the end of 3 weeks, then I would start chemotherapy.  I did not go on any special diet at this time as the radiation treatments made me so nauseated that I just ate what I felt like eating. I took 6 capsules of Red Raspberry Gold a day for three weeks – two in the morning 10 minutes before breakfast, two before lunch and two before dinner.  I also took multi vitamin/mineral supplements (Pro- Vitamin Complete) and drank lots of water.”

Just adding ProVitamin Complete stopped all our colds, flu’s, and infections in a couple weeks for years!  Imagine what it did for Sharon, plus a therapeutic dose of the red raspberry product daily!

Three and a half weeks later I had another blood test and anxiously went into my doctor’s office for the result.  My oncologist announced that the CA-125 reading was “12”! – even below that of a so called healthy person. The doctor was very surprised and I was ecstatic.  He said that I didn’t need to do chemo and could stop the radiation treatments in a few days.  He scheduled another blood test several weeks later.  I continued taking the Red Raspberry Gold but cut down to 4 capsules a day. Two weeks later, my CA-125 blood test reading was about “10.5”. My doctor said that I could wait 2 months before the next test, which was scheduled for June 23, 2004. I cut down to 3 or 4 capsules of Red Raspberry Gold per day.  My reading from that test was “9.6”.  I am basically cancer free. I have now cut down to 3 capsules per day and later will take at least 2 a day for the rest of my life as preventive insurance. I will also continue to have my blood tested periodically. My very last blood test in Taiwan at the end of June, 2005 showed a CA-125 reading of 7.5! My doctor is still in shock.

At the very least this product saved me from 6 months of misery undergoing chemotherapy as well as a lifetime of aftereffects. At most, it saved my life!”

This is such a great story and guess what… there are so many of these where people took a more natural approach to solving health issues and cancer!  Combining some radiation, very localized, or surgery to remove or shrink a mass then the steps of health outlined in the blog above with links to Dr Mercola.  There are more and more traditional doctors who are embracing prevention and natural remedies rather than resorting to drugs which can have so many side effects!  Follow the health steps in my blog, start adding more and more over time till your doing them all, it’s about the quality and quantity of your life!  It’s your temple, treat God’s gift with respect.  Till next time, God Bless,








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