What I found about our tap water

Many years ago, around 1990, I was in a company named National Sales Associates (NSA).  They had a series of water treatment units from counter top to whole house units.  I sold some units but was never “garage qualified” as I didn’t believe I could ever sell that many or wanted to “buy in” just to move up the ranks.  This $5,000 sales push by most in the company and guru type leadership eventually caused me to leave.

The management also pushed a book called Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, which they obviously just skimmed through if they read it at all, because later after several trips through that book I would finally learn its “key” and it would change our lives!

What I learned 7 years later about water treatment I found online.  There still wasn’t a lot compared to now going on online, in fact I was in a company growing to millions per month in volume and it didn’t even have its own website yet!  We still used phone and fax for marketing and orders. 

It occurred to me around that time that we better take our water seriously since as a family we drink a lot!  We knew that chlorine was heavily used because we learned how to test for it, same as pool testing.  Plus there were heavy metals from many sources, including the old pipes that we were drinking!  But researching some online I found that there was a lot more wrong with tap water!

Have you ever noticed in restaurants you’ll try their water and taste the chlorine or worse, see particles floating!  Yuck!  If I owned a restaurant, clean, filtered water would be near # 1 on my list for our customers!  In super clean glasses!!

Note: at home we were using a cheap counter top unit that lowered the chlorine and got some large particulate matter but that was about it.

The website I found was called NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) and was showing in depth ratings on most water filters in 1997.  I found out that tap water could contain all kinds of living or dead bugs, parasites, bacteria, besides potentially harmful elements from the earth or man made chemicals that we could be unknowingly ingesting!  By looking up our counter top unit it was clearly low on the ratings.

My research showed several very good treatment units so I settled on a highly rated Multi Pure under counter block filter canister unit for about $450.  Each new replacement block is about $30 and I’ve replaced it twice since then or about every 5 years and they recommend every two years so I’m going to begin doing that much sooner now.  At any rate it’s a very high testing unit and we’re satisfied knowing we’re eliminating so much from our water!

Since we workout 4-6 days/week, we drink a lot of water!  Our ice maker in our refrigerator doesn’t have an online filter so we rarely use it, instead we use ice trays from our filter!  You can research your own units here, it can get complex to understand but you can easily see what type of unit is best for you.  We chose an under counter type and looked for the top rated for that type.

Dr Mercola recommends a whole house unit since showering or bathing should be without chemicals like chlorine also as our skin absorbs these extremely well!  We haven’t spent the money to do that yet ourselves and I still swim in the pool many times per year when I want to up my anaerobic capabilities, so I am getting chlorine in my system.

Bottom line is, get off the raw tap water!  It sits in large containers or pools and is chemically treated then released through a maze of pipes under pressure finally to our faucets or hoses.  Your filter can protect you from so much before you just drink it!  Plus, like us, you’ll enjoy the clean tasteless, odorless, wonderful water!  Till next time, God Bless,





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