Stories of Personal Triumph

These stories have a great affect on me where someone with huge personal conviction and determination to succeed no matter what the obstacles rises like a phoenix from the ashes of their usually horrible situations.

In these stories lie the keys to success for anyone… it’s when a person may have reached rock bottom, or have a great concept they know will not fail!  They begin with their vision and their contacts become sucked into the vortex of their leadership based on a belief so strong others also become total believers!

I’ll begin with a young woman, Dani Johnson, homeless, living on the beach, sleeping in her car, in Maui, HI.  What appealed to me in this story was that this woman realized her potential while she was at the rock bottom!  She showered in the public beach showers and used the public restrooms while hanging out with other homeless people.  At least the weather was warm, there are homeless in cities where the winters can be harsh, even deadly.

She arrived in this place due to circumstances of a failed prior relationship, found her cards were maxed out and unable to pay rent, she was soon living in her car.  It can happen to anyone, believe it!  If not for relatives, friends, or govt assistance I could have been there, plus I feel that God has protected me so long as I stay as righteous as possible in all ways, believe and walk in Faith towards my goals.

Her story continues… she finally reached a point, sitting on the beach with others who had no goals or vision and had enough!  She decided to change and with extreme, absolute determination, go for giving an opportunity all she had.  Notice, she wasn’t half hearted or somewhat committed, but she was going for it all out.

After her decision, she landed a job as a waitress, joined a network marketing company and specialized in their weight loss product and related packages… while still living in her car mind you!  She kept it simple as possible, and told others to just say, “All I know is my friend Dani Johnson lost 35lbs in two months and if for any reason you’re not satisfied you get your money back!”  That was the answer to any question, “the more you explain, the less you’ll earn” was her motto.

She used quarters to in a phone booth to make sales calls!  Think about that.  She came up with some absolutes to talk about her determination which I’ll include.  In her 1st month she was already making enough to get off the streets and into an apartment and went on to earn a million her 1st year!

Her life became one of affluence from then on, she is also a major motivational and how to market educational speaker who also uses the Bible as reference any time she can!

Here’s some “absolutes” that show her mega determination!!

Absolute whole hearted decision that I will make this successful, zero options for failure no matter what happens, don’t care how long it takes, do or die and dying is not an option.

Absolute whole hearted commitment.  Commitment to your God, your family, your business.  Level 10, zero doubt, not if it will work, but when, not a question of how it will work, but WHY it will work.  Total complete commitment to never, ever return to this financial situation.

Absolute whole hearted Trust.  Zero worry.  Absence of Trust = a presence of worry.  Only because you’re not Trusting your God to lead you to absolute victory over what it is your trying to overcome.  If you’re willing to get the training and apply it, do the work, get equipped.

Absolute whole hearted work ethicThis is where 99% fail.  This work ethic IN the area that counts. 

Absolute whole hearted persistence.  Never stopping, daily action.

Absolute whole heartedly coachable.  You must listen and apply.  You learn things in a sport then you get out there and apply it.  100% want to improve and grow.

Zero ego.  I can do this my way, I don’t need any training.”

This is how Dani got from homeless, living in her car to making a million her 1st year back from zero!  We ALL need these absolutes!  ANY successful person who had to dig themselves out from the bottom, no doubt made these “whole hearted” commitments!  Till next time, God Bless,



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