Stories of Personal Triumph 2

I had the privilege of meeting Les Brown in Minneapolis, MN about 12 years ago.  It was at a convention where I had requested him to speak for the company I was in (TwinLabs) and they invited him.

Everyone there was amazed at this speaker!  I used to watch Les on public tv in the early 90’s and bought many of his tapes.  In fact, when I met with him in MN he was extremely happy to see someone who bought his tapes a decade earlier and signed everything I brought then hung out with my wife Tammy and I for about 30 minutes, it was great!  After the event, he even called me a couple times!

Now this guy has a story!  Born in 1945 on an abandoned building floor, he was adopted by Mrs Mamie Brown to whom he owes most as he always states.  As a boy he was mislabeled retarded which hurt him for many years.  His mother’s belief in him and her strength of character saw him through these times.

He had jobs and wanted to do anything to help himself and his mother out of poverty.  He spent time as a local radio DJ where he honed some speaking skills, he also became a 3 term state legislator in Ohio, he also began public speaking and started to win awards.  His speaking career gained speed on PBS tv, he even had his own show called “The Les Brown Show” that focused on good subject matter rather than the negative junk out there.  What a novel concept!

I had the opportunity to discuss this show with him personally and why he didn’t have it anymore as it was such a great idea.  He said the producers came to him and said we want more ratings; we need you to do more negative based programs that will draw larger audiences for better ad space for the network.  He refused to be like a disgusting Jerry Springer type show so they cancelled… can you believe that!? 

This spoke greatly of Les Browns character to me, no doubt a product of his mothers.  Also, some of his speaking engagements are centered on his great Faith convictions for God, as he speaks many times on his Christian beliefs.

Today he hosts large speaking engagements for Fortune 500 companies as well as large audiences everywhere.  “My mission is to get a message out that will help people become uncomfortable with their mediocrity. A lot of people are content with their discontent. I want to be the catalyst that enables them to see themselves having more and achieving more.”  

It is truly a pleasure to hear him speak let me tell you!  Get any audio or video of this man, as he is totally entertaining as well as extremely motivating!  Seeing him speak in person was fantastic!  His scheduled hour went 90 minutes and we wanted another 90!!  His ability to laugh at himself is absolutely contagious!  It’s another amazing story of person who goes from hungry, sleeping on a wood floor to holding 80,000 spellbound for an hour in a stadium!  Till next time, God Bless,



2 thoughts on “Stories of Personal Triumph 2

  1. rhythmrancher

    Great blog Gary. Les Brown is an amazing human being. you are blessed to have met him and felt his deep inspiration. Gemma and i have enjoyed hearing his tapes and feeling his potency back in the 90’s and always loved his style. and what a story!!! just amazing!! 🙂
    Thanks for such a beautiful post. peace ~ respect ~ Will

  2. kirch5 Post author

    Super thanks Will and Gemma!! He’s very special and want to see him again! I’m also beginning to see how I need to get back to work on the “inside job” of personal development again! Weeds are a-growin!!



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