Awesome talents that really affected me!

Taking a break from Stories of Personal Triumph, I’ve sat for hours and watched America, AU, and Britian’s got Talent, XFactor auditions to finals and these are some that really struck me as sincere excellent to amazing talents.

Not in any order, my favorites so far will be on here, feel free to comment if you also have selections I may have missed, or newer ones.  What I like most are 1st auditions where talented people blow the audience and judges away, plus are actually amazing.  These inspire me, to do or be my best, to see people live their dreams right there, all they worked for is paying off in that moment!  That’s something we all want to feel!  It drives me to do the things others don’t see, quietly building myself to express that in some future moment of my own.  So… here we go…

This Carly Rose audition was great because they felt her song choice might be too big, and at 13 yrs old, they had good reason!:

the judges were stunned, very nice!

Now this audition took 3 minutes just to get past the all the strange vision Jason Brock went on about, and you could see the judges were growing weary!  I actually couldn’t take it and nearly moved on:

the judges were blown away however… it was very good.

This was a fun audition and enjoyable by very likeable Jennel Garcia:

the crowd and judges got into it also!

Stacy Francis has a great story of challenge but her singing here was really special:

the accolades for her performance you can see is the high point in her life!  Winning doesn’t get much better than this.

Now this audition was not expected by any of us!  Country boy Kevin Skinner!:

I along with everyone else enjoyed this, it’s another rare moment the judges are caught off guard!  Obviously this was a super special moment for Kevin!  Life changing, going all the way!

This is my 2nd favorite of all so far and I’ve seen a lot of these.  Michael Grimm has such a cool voice:

he also went on to win, I’ve listened to this several times because it’s just that good!

So there’s a taste of several Talent/XFactor favorites, they’re emotionally packed and help me get centered if I’m a bit off.  I will conclude with another blog of just some very powerful auditions, some are older classics that blew me away also from years ago!  Till next time, God Bless,



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