Awesome talents that really affected me! 2

America, Britain, AU’s got Talent, XFactor, I’ve placed a few older auditions in here that are just awesome and I’ve viewed them many times.  The Susan Boyle for example has over 100mil/hits just on one youtube and there’s many!  Maybe a billion.  What’s the reason?

Here’s my guess… you have a different looking middle aged woman who appears to not have any talent, the judges and audience had wrote her off before she even began, a bit like Kevin Skinner in that regard, then she blows them away!  This is what makes some of these 1st auditions so cool!

I’d like to start this blog with the video that got me interested in these in the first place.  It was in America’s got Talent 2006 and Bianca Ryan’s amazing 1st audition:

To this point I had never seen anything like this and she was only 11 yrs old at that time!  So from then on, at times, I’ll watch several every now and then to see talent come out and rock the audience and me!

Well it’s been 4 years now and seems like a long time ago that Susan Boyle changed lives, including her own.  By stepping out there with her strange confidence, it was a perfect alignment of timing.  I’ve seen this a dozen times and will never tire of it:

Best part is… she showed the world that we are far too cynical as Amanda said and quick to judge… before she even sang a note, her dress, hair, look said all we thought we needed to hear.  She went on to win, record, everything!  Ha!

Well it was 2007 when this audition blew us away, Paul Potts, a cell phone salesman by trade sings opera:

If you listen carefully he has an amazing voice!  Again, it’s great to watch as someone looking quite humble and untalented has this gift in them!  Obviously the audience and judges saw a piece of history as this has hundreds of millions of hits all tolled.

In a break from the “old auditions” in 2010 Matt Cardle was doing fairly good when he sang this song, not something I’m into, Bee Gee octaves, but was awesome!:

He went on to win and is super talented.

The reason this is good it was a great audition but that Luke Lucas was infatuated with Tulisa Contostavlos on the panel also made for fun:

Very enjoyable from the flirting standpoint as well.

This one of my favorites, Lascel Wood performing a song I like with soul and his mother hearing him sing for the first time made it very special:

Very strong performance, the judges and audience were all struck by it.

Thought I’d put this one from way back in ’09 here for the real electrifying entertainment factor of Danyl Johnson:

For Simon Cowell to call this the best first audition he’d ever seen is something!

And now… probably my favorite, for her real talent and awesome audition, Melanie Amaro, this has so much heart:

Audience rocked and standing, four judges standing, it doesn’t get any better than this!  Stunning.  Melanie went on to win, this is why I watch these, it’s emotion packed, super talent, and dreams becoming real right in front of us!

If any links go let me know if you would, also if you have recommendations to watch I’d appreciate it.  Again, it’s raw talent, heart, 1st auditions are best, and unexpected performances rock!  Till next time, God Bless,



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