A powerful perspective of leveraged vs linear income that really struck me.

Not back to the Stories of Personal Triumph just yet, I’m kicking my own butt into gear by building myself from the inside out!

If you listen to the motivational speakers that made it first on their own in some way, it’s universal that you’ve got to work on your internal before you’ll see the external.  So it is now my plan to spend time daily doing just that!  I’ve done this before, I’m doing it again.

After all, our family lives in America, and we have opportunities to rise to our potential if we just go for it with absolute determination to succeed.  But you most likely will only get rolling by building up your internal in this process.

Once, while listening to a favorite personal development speaker, Jerry Clark, he told us a story that happened while he was speaking in Singapore that gave me all the perspective I needed to realize what we could really do here if we simply went to work!

The story goes… while in between speaking engagements Jerry and a friend decided to have lunch outside their hotel.  Along the avenue of hotels it was busy with locals and guests and there were nice tent restaurants and shops next to the hotels.  So they selected one of these places to have lunch.

Jerry noticed a vendor of one of these restaurants walking up to all who passed by to let them know how their cook served the best lunch for the best price.  Intrigued Jerry and his friend bought lunch there and sat nearby so they could observe this vendor in action while they ate their lunch.

In around 45min, while eating, this vendor went up to dozens of people selling them on buying lunch at their place of business.  Most times he was told no, or no thanks, but several did buy lunch there.  So he ran ballpark calculations as to how many people he talked to in an average day. 

Based on breakfast, lunch, and dinner (they worked all meals), the amount of people walking by during these three main meals, he estimated the vendor talked to 1,000-1,200 people daily!  Rejected by probably around 1,000 people every day, they sold around 100 meals/day and survived, maybe even did well in comparison to what people earn there.

So here’s a man, who helps set up, clean, tear down every day, is rejected by possibly 1,000 people every single day, only to do that again, fresh, the next day!  Linear, no residual (maybe a few return customers), every day it starts all over!  From 7am to 11pm (16hrs/day) its go, go, go, maybe taking a few short breaks to eat some of their own cooking.  This is 7 days/week most likely, rain or shine, sick or not.

Now here we are maybe working a standard job, seeing if we can have a go at network marketing on the side.  We put in our 40 hours/wk and email some contacts, make a few calls/day, try to get something rolling.  It is true; we need to put many new prospects daily thru the overview of our program to become independent over time.

Like Jerry said, “If this guy applied that work ethic and ability to face rejection 1,000 times daily over here in an mlm program, he’d be retired making a million/yr his first year!  I don’t care what program he got in so long as it lasted!

How’s that for perspective?  Jeffrey Combs said that you gotta put people thru your system every day!  Dani Johnson says always keep prospecting, you stop prospecting and sooner or later your whole group will and volume will go away.  If, if we take just an hour or two a day and line up prospects to go thru our opportunity, we’ll get signups, customers, and reps who will follow your lead because you are making money, because you are… working.  In time you’ll develop momentum and good-great volume, and “volume speak volumes!

However marketing is changing here… nowadays it’s about bringing contacts/leads to you.  This is why I’m doing the Empower Network online tactic (video), to grow my database, contact list, meet new like-minded people.

I wanted to share this story so we can see that rising above your job/current financial place to attain independence is a reality if you apply yourself 1/10th of this example!  Till next time, God Bless,





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