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Daily workout, thoughts, etc started here.

3/17/13  up at 8am, w/o run outdoors 10mi easy, blog later, 17.5hrs daily fast, wt 169, 20min sun.  App in for Dipsea same day/overnight.  2 weeks at over 30mpw, like to get to 35-6 this wk, light intervals on the treadm once/wk to prepare.

3/18/13  up at 9am, up 4hrs in the night, no fast, w/o run 4mi on road easy, wt, 171, planning on 10mi tomorrow.

3/19/13  up at 830, 15hr fast, w/o run treadm 8mi, 9min/mi pace easy, 20min cycle, wt 172, blog.

3/20/13  up at 9am, up 2-4am blog, 16hr fast, w/o 4mi treadm small intervals 30sec 9mph 1:30 6mph x 8, 20 min cycle easy, wt 172.

3/21/13  up at 8am, blog, no fast, no w/o, wt 171.

3/22/13  up at 630am, blog, no fast, w/o gym, bag, run on road 6mi easy, wt 172.

3/23/13  up at 8am, w/o run 4mi camp rich easy, wt 172, 36mi/wk, wt needs to drop to 165 asap. Past weeks; 18mi/19mi/25mi/23mi/28mi/31mi/32mi/36mi/41mi/40mi/

3/24/13  up at 930, 12hr fast, run on the road 10mi easy, blog, wt 171.

3/25/13  up at 7am, blog, 13hr fast, 4mi run on path, wt 171, my diet is fair, carbs and cals too much, need to control my carbs and portions, at this mileage I need to be at 165max!  In the low 160’s while at 40+mpw, 158 on June 9, so here goes.

3/26/13  up at 830am, blog, 16hr fast, run hwy 89, 12 mi easy, diet will be better from here on, wt 171.

3/27/13  up at 830, blogged 1-3am, no fast, w/o gym, bag, easy treadm 4mi, diet better, wt 170, already at 30mi for the wk, 20min sun, take Thurs off.

3/28/13  up at 8am, blog, no w/o, wt 172.

3/29/13  up at 8am, blog, no fast (over 12hrs), gym, bag, 4mi treadm 10 intervals up to 10mph warmup, 9.4mph 30sec/6mph 1:30 x 10, .5mi barefoot, wt 172, diet last 2 days poor.

3/30/13  up at 930am, in bed late, w/o run corral loop 7+mi, 13hr fast, wt 171, 41mi/wk.

3/31/13  up at 8am, w/o run 4mi easy, wt 172, starting basic diet Mon, drop carbs/cals like 1/4-1/2 for 10-14 days, need to be under 165 now.

4/1/13  up at 830am, w/o run hwy 89, 10mi very hilly, 1:45 (usual is 1:37), 14hr fast, wt 171, blog.

4/2/13  up at 8am, w/o gym, bag, 4mi treadm 1/2mi barefoot, 15hr fast, carbs/cals down some, wt 170, 20min sun, gotta hit the stairs again weekly.

4/3/13  up at 8am, w/o run 10mi on road, 14hr fast, wt 169, legs tired, break time, may do intervals 2x/wk.

4/4/13  up at 8am, no w/o, ezines, 12hr fast, wt 171.

4/5/13  up at 8am, w/o intervals 2x 1/2mi 3:11/3:09, 4x 1/4mi 89/88/88/86sec, 5mi, harveys stairs 4 sets 9/top/8/14/top x3, wt 171, strong.

4/6/13  up at 10am, up during the nite, ezine, w/o run corral loop 7mi med/hard 1:05:22, wt 170, 1hr swim, underwater reps too, diet poor, 40mi/wk.

4/7/13  up at 8am, w/o run treadm 4mi easy, calves sore lol, wt 171, thinking of adding recumbent and mtn bike 2x/wk into my w/o’s.

4/8/13  up at 930am, w/o gym bcuz of snow, 10mi treadm 1:28 slow, legs ok, wt 169, fast 18.5hrs!

4/9/13  up at 730am, blog, w/o gym 4mi treadm, intervals 12x 35sec 9.4mph every 2 min, no prob, 33min, wt 171, 45min pool-easy laps, several underwater laps.

4/10/13  up at 930am catch up on sleep, w/o run road 6mi easy, legs a little sore, 20min sun, 16.5hr fast, wt 170.

4/11/13  planned day off.

4/12/13 double dipsea, blew out two toes so had to take it slow, 15mi to the beach and back.  39mi/wk

4/13-20/13 took a few days off, circumstances changed so I’ll have to cut way back, still plan on a 1:10-1:20 Dipsea runners division, have done a few runs, a good paced 4mi, a good paced 6mi, today  4/20 did intervals, 1/2mi at 2:57/2:58,4x 1/4’s at 80, 80, 77, 81 sec, 5mi total, strong for my level of fitness right now, need a long run and a hill run during this week, also intervals at the gym.

4/21/13  off

4/22/13  up at 7am, lots done today, w/o run 9mi, med, wy 170.

4/23/13  up at 8am, w/o gym, bag, p/u bar dip 2,1, run treadm 5mi, 12x intervals 9.6mph 40sec, 6mph 1:40, .5mi barefoot, wt 169.



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