Stories of success where youtube was a catalyst.

I found these so interesting!  It’s amazing that SO many have become financially independent or millionaires because they got millions of “hits” or were discovered for their youtube video/s! 

The story goes that in 2007 when Justin Bieber was 12 his mother uploaded video’s of him performing, here’s his 1st video (50 million hits just on this one – there’s probably a lot of these!), as he gained in popularity, he was noticed by an Atlanta recording studio and the rest is history.

Video enthusiast Dane Boedigheimer, who created the Annoying Orange, video adventures that feature an orange with a face as well as other assorted fruits (is annoying!), and became so large on youtube he created his own channel 1 million subscribers and nearly ¾ of a billion views!  His orange concept has 2.5 million subscribers and 1.3 billion views!  These astounding numbers will tell you he is quite wealthy.

Recently I watched a great video of a six grader, Greyson Michael Chance at a talent show and his video went viral overnight.  Ellen DeGeneres asked him to perform on her show twice and gave him a contract on her new recording label. 

I saw this video on the news, a youtube video of a homeless man with a golden voice!  His name is Ted Williams, a tough story and he’s currently doing fine in his own home.  Having gone to rehab and off the streets where he was living in tents and under cardboard, now in a home, he is thankful!  He has work and is reportedly clean and sober.

It was in Dec 2004 when Gary Brolsma uploaded the video that went viral (on a different medium at first, later going to youtube) and caused a Romanian language song to become more popular worldwide especially in the US even though it had topped the charts in the EU.  This 1 minute video changed Gary’s life, by 2008 over 700,000,000 views, it is funny!

It’s been less than a year as of this blog (3/13) when PSY’s Gangnam Style video went viral and is the # 1 of all time at 1.5 billion (!) views.  I’ve seen it twice, it was a fun one time view for me, but it is catchy with the moves, etc, it pulls you in!  Obviously their future changed huge time due to youtube record setting hits in such a short time.

Arnel Pineda was born in the Philippines and due to family problems of health and money was even homeless as a teenager some of the time.  For a couple decades he performed in various bands and was respected as a singer in Asia but made very little money.  Catch his story on Oprah, it’s great!  Fame and money didn’t come overnight but it was some youtube video’s that the US band Journey got to see that changed things.  Moving on from Steve Perry, looking for a lead singer Journey had been stuck for a decade.  Based on the youtube video’s, even some Journey cover songs, he was flown to Marin, Ca for two days of auditions and signed to the band as their lead singer.  They are truly back as a group and Arnel is a very humble, talented, and grateful lead singer!  To me, there’s no one like Steve Perry, but Arnel is amazing and a youtube success story.

There are people who simply review video games and have millions of hits.  Many of them are basically independent, this is all they do!  Some create video games that are enjoyed by thousands or tens of thousands and also don’t have to work traditionally.  Some started with video’s of themselves singing, some discuss the news and have created followings and hits that allow paid advertising to bankroll their lives!  These are just a very, very few youtube success stories, maybe I’ll go dig up some more!  Till next time, God Bless,




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