Traditional medicine equals “disease management”.

Since I’ve subscribed to Dr Mercola’s news letter, he has taught me a lot!  This phrase (disease management) though really hit home about US “healthcare”, or how the new tax for Obamacare which will help an extra 30 million Americans receive “medical treatment”.

The real question is why do hospitals super charge for everything?  An aspirin on your bill is $1.50, a bandaid, a paper cup used for drugs, linen, etc, all with multiple 1,000% markups. 

Dr Mercola; “the US spends more on health care than the next 10 biggest spenders combined: Japan, Germany, France, China, the U.K., Italy, Canada, Brazil, Spain, and Australia.”

Despite that, we rank dead last in terms of quality of care among industrialized countries, and Americans are far sicker and live shorter lives than people in other nations. How is that possible? The short answer is: We’re being fleeced.”

Behind the scenes there lies a completely unregulated or controlled “internal price list” that allows hospitals to charge anything they want, bankrupt the middle working class, and pay it’s executives multi million dollar salaries for “disease management” instead of real prevention and many times at the expense of lives for greed.

So it’s obvious and ridiculous that our current medical profession, the part that’s in it for greed over lives, blatantly steals under the guise of your protection.  In the article just above Dr Mercola sums it up, “It’s a system that is wholly dependent on expensive drugs and invasive surgeries, opposed to preventive measures and simpler, less expensive treatment alternatives. In short, it’s a system rooted in an ideal of maximized profits, opposed to helping people maintain or regain their health.”

It’s another reason I’m for medical doctors who are truly looking to help patients over making millions, like Dr Frank Shallenburger in Carson City, NV.  There are now thousands across the US and growing fast!  Since most of the conditions, diseases, ailments a person has are lifestyle related, simple prevention should be addressed first.

Also known as Integrative Medicine or IM, these doctors use prevention and conventional medicine in combination always placing greater emphasis on prevention. 

Dr Mercola states, “Our current system does the exact opposite. Drugs and surgery are employed FIRST, and then, when the patient has exhausted all conventional avenues, he or she will sometimes turn to alternative therapies or nutritional interventions out of sheer desperation, on their own (and at their own expense).  Frequently this is what ends up saving that person’s life… Unfortunately, many have been financially ruined by the time they’ve wound their way through the conventional system.”

A bout with cancer can cost a million dollars!  Also known as “cut, burn, and poison”, surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy are the medical professions first line of attack.  Hard to imagine that in many cases they are destroying the very immune system needed to actually win the battle and stay in remission.

My take here as in a previous blog, this is akin to barbaric, reminding me of gladiator times except they knew they were killing for sport, here it’s for money which is at least equally bad and downright disgusting!  Shame really… a child with cancer is given “life-saving” chemo and dies of poisoning the immune system, then they succumb to pneumonia or something they could normally survive but the obit will say they died from cancer! 

As a doctor, I couldn’t sleep at night or live with myself doing this, much less enjoy my large home and Porsche!  However, great doctors with heart who will be looked upon one day as true hero’s like Burzinski, an incredible story, saves lives!  Read about him at his site or Dr Mercolas!  Will blog Dr Burzynski.  Till next time, God Bless,




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