A doctor who stood up to a corrupt govt trial!

I first went to Dr Burzynski’s site several years ago when I read about his mock trial to get him to stop saving lives of people who had cancer!  In fact it was even before I read about it on Dr Mercola’s site.

This is when I learned that our government via the FDA does NOT always act in our best interest!  But then, who’s interest were they acting in when they tried to get Dr Burzynski to stop his practice and take away (steal) his patents and medical license?

It’s actually tough for me to take since I’m patriotic in nature but we do have corrupt people in govt positions, always will, who can be bought or have mega conflicts of interest as this case definitely proves!

In an attempt to take Dr Burzynski’s practice, patents, and license the FDA and the state of Texas fought him for 14 years and a personal cost to Burzynski of over $3 million, while our govt spent over $60 million!  There’s our tax dollars at work.  During this time he went about saving lives and improving his antineoplaston therapy which I’ll go over more in the next blog.  Sometimes he would get to work at his clinic at 5am, be in court by 8am all day then back to his clinic after 5pm to continue his work! 

It is of note here that Dr Burzynski was saving lives and a lot of very influential people were now involved!  The public was watching in greater numbers!  Imagine how you’d feel if he was saving/saved the life of your loved one and you knew the govt was trying to take him down for no good reason other than special big dollar interests!  Again, it’s disgusting, shameful. 

He finally prevailed!

Now that he won against the FDA and big pharma, he continues on with his son and laboratory refining his therapies geared more towards each specific individual’s genetics and exact type of cancer of which they’re finding hundreds of different types for each cancer!

All the while making huge strides in success and receiving no govt funding or even help from the National Institute of Health!!  Which is also pitiful and shameful.  It is of note that many patients come to see Dr Burzynski when they’ve exhausted all other conventional medical means and are in very advanced stages of cancer.  Many are brain cancers or advanced colon cancer, and many times he gets amazing results!  Read a few here!! 

Dr. Burzynski says. “The doctors simply would like to know the name of the cancer… And every patient who had such cancer received the same standard of care and treatment.  Now we know that cancer is caused by a combination of genes. There is not just one type of lung cancer but perhaps hundreds or thousands different types of lung cancer, each one with different genomic structure.”  This allows him to target very specifically each cancer for even better result potential.

Finally Dr Burzynski has some FDA approval and is in FDA clinical trials.  This will help change the medical community as we the people become more aware of real treatments that “First, do no harm” and continually destroy cancer cells by the millions and save lives without huge, many times deadly side effects!!

This is so exciting for those where a doctor has given them or a loved one a death sentence, “you only have X months to live, etc”.  Besides this, prevention with Dr Mercola’s list of healthy lifestyle adaptations we can easily take, we should have less to fear from most disease.  Let’s do ourselves and our loved ones a favor and adopt as many of these preventative measures as possible, otherwise you may find yourself in one of the most dangerous places on earth, a hospital.  Till next time, God Bless,






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