Spending time at an ocean cabin while growing up.

It was a bit later in life we began going to Bob’s ocean cabin, I was about 10.  The parents came to relax and enjoy, we were there to play and explore! 

The cabin, again, seemed large but was actually not very big.  It had a couple bedrooms and bathroom, kitchen, dining room, fish cleaning room, a breezeway, and a supply room.  We spent about 2 weeks/yr there on average every year till I graduated; it was usually during my asthma season as at the ocean it did not affect me.

There were cots and people slept everywhere!  Since the cabin sits about 250ft up on a sloped cliff above Wrights Beach, Ca, about 4 miles north up Hwy 1 from Bodega Bay where Alfred Hitchcock filmed The Birds (and the town of Bodega) and you hear the waves all night long!  We were all over the beaches, rocks, trails.  The rocky area that separates Wrights Beach and Duncan’s Landing is known as Death Rock since it is claimed that many people died there by being swept off or slammed against it by rouge waves, we’ve seen some major waves there!

Note: Death Rock has fences and signs to keep off/out now, at the time we played there, it was just a couple of signs and an old broken fence, I always felt safe and aware.

This part of the ocean is treacherous for undercurrents (undertow) that would take you out and a rocky area just beyond the waves that could smash or hold you under.  Many have died at these beaches and rocks, yet we played carefully all over these places.  I knew how to be cautious and always remember the main rule… never turn your back on the ocean!  So I actually always looked back and a few times it really saved me/us! 

As kids we would climb all over Death Rock and follow it into Duncan’s Landing where we could spend hours playing on our own beach as very few went there!  In fact, as our boys grew, Tammy and I went back and made Duncan’s a picnic date a few times in the 90’s, still usually the only people there!

There was this strange thing called surf-fishing… there was a dipping net in the supply room and Bob would occasionally grab his net and head for the cliffs to… watch.  Although it was rare that I could ever see the “clouds” or shiny scales of the surf fish to know they were “running”, the commercial fishermen would see them and head down in a hurry.  They would dip their nets as the waves came in and usually had a load of fish!  These little 6-8” “surf fish” would fill a bucket and if Bob was dipping, it meant up to 100 fish to clean!

The cliff leading from the cabin down to Wrights Beach was over 200ft and fully covered in ice plant a couple feet thick.  We would jump down the plants which are soft and springy all the way down, so we were at the beach in seconds from walking out the door!

The times at this cabin were also super fun and a great experience for me and my friends!  I learned a lot and both of these cabins (previous post) and gave me a kind of green perspective on everything.  To this day I despise litter, waste, clearing of land, etc.  Getting up in the morning, drawing back the curtains in the front room, the floor to ceiling windows revealed amazing views of the endless ocean, Death Rock, and Hogs Back with waves sometimes pounding so hard you could almost feel it!  The whole stay was a huge amount of exercise and always something to do! 

Well that cabin was sold and the memories there are also thick!  We will go back probably this year and have a look around, for me it was life changing and I’m so Thankful for the experiences!  Till next time, God Bless,






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